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Tonde Burin

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First episode date

Takayoshi Suzuki


Published by
Flower Comics


Number of episodes

Written by
Taeko Ikeda

Tonde Burin Galleria de la Guardia Gallery of the Guardian Wayback Wednesday

Original run
August 1994 – September 1995

Mainichi Broadcasting System

Corrector Yui, Mama Loves the Poyopoyo‑Saurus, I'm Gonna Be An Angel!, Noozles, Yume no Crayon Oukoku

Tonde Burin (とんでぶーりん, Tonde Būrin) is a magical girl manga series by Taeko Ikeda which originally ran in the manga magazine Ciao. An anime series based on the manga was created by Nippon Animation and broadcast on MBS stations in Japan from September 3, 1994 through August 26, 1995.


Tonde Burin 692ae6963de3d1c1b53a8888cb0089c4d3htdccjpg 606826 Tonde Burin

An English language-version titled Super Pig was produced by Saban Entertainment in 1997. This dub aired in New Zealand on TV2. The Saban dub aired in South America with an Spanish voice-over provided independently by each of the various networks that broadcast it. From 1998 to 1999 the Saban dub aired in the Netherlands on Fox Kids with Dutch subtitles, from 2003 to 2004 a Dutch dub based on the Saban dub aired also on Fox Kids. Another English dub aired only in the Philippines under the title Super Boink; this dub kept all the original music.

Tonde Burin Retro Pilipinas Super Boink Tonde Burin IBC13 9039s English


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Karin Kokubu (Kassie Carlen) is late for school one day when she comes across an apparently injured yellow pig. It turns out the pig wasn't injured but just hungry, and he gets back his health when he eats Karin's apple. When Karin gets to her school called Sei Ringo Gakuen (St. Ringo School), she discovers that the pig has stowed away in her backpack which causes her more trouble.

Tonde Burin Retro Pilipinas Super Boink Tonde Burin IBC13 9039s English

Later, she meets the pig again and finds out he can talk and fly. The pig gives her a "Dream Tonpact" which she opens and a pig snout appears from it and attaches itself to her nose! She finds the pig again who explains that he is actually Prince Tonrariano the 3rd (Iggy Pig) of the apple-shaped planet Buringo (Oinko). He tells her how she can transform: by saying "Ba Bi Bu Be Burin!" she transforms into a superpowered pink piglet called Tonde Burin (Super Pig). This is not something Karin is happy about at all as she'd rather transform into a magical girl heroine like her idol the tokusatsu character "Cutey Chao" (who is possibly a reference to Cutie Honey). Tonrariāno (who she calls Ton-chan) tells her if she can collect 108 pearls by doing good deeds as Burin, she can do so. The pearl collection operates on karma meaning if Burin abuses her powers, she will lose pearls.

Whenever someone is in danger, Karin becomes Tonde Burin to thwart the crisis and uses her new abilities to help other people in need.

Main characters

Karin Kokubu (国分果林, Kokubu Karin) / Kassie Carlen
Voiced by: Yuri Shiratori (Japanese); Julie Maddalena (English)The main protagonist of the series. Karin Kokubu was an ordinary 13-year-old school girl in 7th grade who came across Tonrariano the 3rd one day while on her way to school and gave him an apple. When she gets to school, Karin discovers that the pig has stowed away in her bag which causes her more trouble. Later, she meets the pig again and finds out he can talk and fly. Karin finds a compact which she opens and a pig snout appears from it and attaches itself to her nose! Karin learns that Tonrariano comes from the Buringo World and that she can transform into Tonde Burin, the Pig Girl of Love and Courage. Tonrariano tells her if she can collect 108 pearls by doing good deeds as Buurin she can do so. The pearl collection operates on karma meaning if Tonde Burin abuses her powers, she will lose pearls. There is another drawback to the Tonde Burin alias....If anyone finds out her identity, she will be stuck in the form of a pig for the rest of her life. Karin has a crush on Koichi Mizuno who happens to like Burin. She has a hobby in painting. When in her Burin alias, she worries about her secret being found out by her father, her little brother, and Jimmy Matsumoto.
Tonrariano the 3rd (トンラリアーノ3世, Tonrariāno San-sei) / Iggy Pig
Voiced by: Yuriko Fuchizaki (Japanese); Derek Stephen Prince (English)Tonrariano the 3rd is a yellow pig who is a prince from Buuringo and the son of Tonrariano the 2nd. Tonrariano the 3rd came to Earth to undergo a trial to become king. He was found by Karin who he chose to become Burin and later starts to live in Karin's room. He is carefree and well-read yet regrets that Karin hates her Burin plight. Like Burin, Tonrariano can fly and acts as an advisor to Burin.

Supporting characters

Masami Yamakawa (山川真実, Yamakawa Masami) / Prudence Plumm
Voiced by: Chie Satō (Japanese); Caryn Rosenthal (English)Masami Yamakawa is Karin's best friend who is on the tennis team. She often encourages her in love matters and other things where she often helps her out. Masami has a crush on Hiromi Kashiwagi.
Kaoru Hidaka (日高薫, Hidaka Kaoru) / Penny Round
Voiced by: Junko Asami (Japanese); Wendee Lee (English)Kaoru Hidaka is the class cutie in Karin's class. Unlike Karin, Kaoru has an inward personality and is also full of all kinds of fears. She is an expert at cooking and often prepares refreshments for the soccer team.
Koichi Mizuno (水野光一, Mizuno Kōichi) / Lance Romero
Voiced by: Akira Ishida (Japanese); Richard Cansino (English)Koichi Mizuno is the captain of the school soccer team who is a first year student. Even though he has to put up with the every female students having a crush on her (which also includes Karin Kokubu and Kaoru Hidaka), Koichi actually has a crush on Tonde Burin (who Koichi became a fan of) unaware that Tonde Burin is actually Karin.
Takuma Mushanokoji (武者小路琢磨, Mushanokōji Takuma) / Radford Tammack
Voiced by: Tsutomu Kashiwakura (Japanese); Tom Romero (English)Takuma Mushanokoji is a student in Karin's class and an expert tennis player who has a crush on her and is admired by Keiko Kuroha.
Hiromi Kashiwagi (柏木広海, Kashiwagi Hiromi) / Harley Hoover
Voiced by: Yoshiharu Yamada (Japanese); Anna Garduno (English)Hiromi Kashiwagi is a student in Karin's class and a close friend of Koichi. He is known for his adventurous spirit and occasional mean comments.
Jimmy Matsumoto (ジミー松本, Jimī Matsumoto) / Milton Massen
Voiced by: Wataru Takagi (Japanese); Kirk Thornton (English)Jimmy Matsumoto is a nerd in Karin's class who has developed a crush on Kaoru Hidaka. He is good at astronomy, movie making, and science. He has begun investigating the appearance of Tonde Burin which has made Karin nervous.
Keiko Kuroha (黒羽競子, Kuroha Keiko) / Heather Hogwash
Voiced by: Rica Matsumoto (Japanese); Laura Summer (English)Keiko Kuroha is the class representative who is Karin Kokubu's rival and the sole daughter of a wealthy businessman that owns a huge enterprise called the Kuroha Group. She has a crush on Takuma Mushanokoji and always thinks that Karin is trying to steal him from her. Keiko is not welcomed by the other girls in her class due to her arrogance, gossipy ways, talks about her wealth, and going into the affairs of other students. While her parents are always away, Keiko's only companions are a pet alligator and a pet octopus. She knows how to control the air as seen in one episode where she operated a hot air balloon as well as operated an airship in the last episode.
Shinichiro Kokubu (国分信一郎, Kokubu Shinichirō) / Ken Carlen
Voiced by: Kenichi Ono (Japanese); Michael Sorich (English)Shinichiro Kokubu is the 38-year-old father of Karin. He works as the editor-in-chief at a local newspaper called the Akebono Times and is often seen toting a camera around. Ever since Tonde Burin showed up, Shinichiro has been on the trail to get a scoop on her.
Rikako Kokubu (国分リカコ, Kokubu Rikako)
Voiced by: Yūko Mizutani (in most episodes), Yumi Hikita (ep. 1, 2)Rikako Kokuba is the 34-year-old fashion designer who is Karin's mother.
Shuhei Kokubu (国分周平, Kokubu Shūhei)
Voiced by: Satomi KōrogiShuhei Kokuba is the 9-year-old brother of Karin Kokubu who is a fan of Tonde Burin.
Makoto Arashiyama (嵐山誠, Arashiyama Makoto) / Fowley Fastback
Voiced by: Tarō Arakawa (Japanese); Bob Papenbrook (English)Makoto Arashiyama is the social studies teacher at St. Ringo School. Makoto Arashiyama is also the coach of the soccer team and the staff sponsor. He also has a secret crush on Nanako Tateishi. Makoto is always pressured by his relatives to get married to someone where the pressure is so great, he doesn't return home for the new year.
Nanako Tateishi (立石菜々子, Tateishi Nanako)
Voiced by: Maria KawamuraNanako Tateishi is the school nurse at St. Ringo School. Nanako Tateishi is much welcomed by the students and is admired by the other male teachers where each one tries to get her to go one a date with them. Nanako bears a resemblance to Cutey Chao and is either volunteered or forced several times to dress as her. She is also a fan of female professional wrestling.
Kondo Masayoshi (近藤正義, Masayoshi Kondō)
Voiced by: Keiichi SonobeKondo Masayoshi is the tennis coach at St. Ringo School who is a fan of "Cutey Chao". He is always competing against Makoto Arashiyama for the attention of Nanako Tateishi.
Tonrariano the 2nd (トンラリアーノ2世, Tonrariāno Ni-sei) / Theodorix Pig
Voiced by: Takao Ōyama (Japanese); R. Martin Klein (English)Tonrariano the 2nd is the King of Buringo World and the father of Tonrariano the 3rd. Tonrariano the 2nd sent Tonrariano the 3rd to Earth to undergo a trial that would enable his son to become the next king. He is not seen in this series, but often contacts his son through the Dream Tonpact. Tonrariano the 2nd plays a key role in Burin's scoring as he decides how many pearls she gets for every heroic action that she does.

Other characters

Kobuta (Kobūta)
The Kobuta are a red pig, a green pig, and a blue pig who appear on the show to emphasize on a joke.
Butan (ブータン, Būtan)
Voiced by: Maruo TomokoButan is a professional wrestler dressed up as Tonde Burin since the professional wrestler admired Tonde Burin. She would always make a good substitute when someone makes a movie of Tonde Burin.
Goro Tatsumaki (Tatsumaki Goro)
Voiced by: Nishimura TomohiroGoro Tatsumaki is the leader of a soccer team at Warasuno Junior High School and the older brother of Hitomi Tatsumaki. He is always seen with two unnamed friends of his and prefers to use tricks so that his soccer team can win.
Hitomi Tatsumaki (Tatsumaki Hitomi)
Voiced by: Tange SakuraHitomi Tatsumaki is the younger sister of Goro Tatsumaki. She is in the same class as Shuhei Kokuba.
Kinoshita is the butler and chauffeur of the Kuroha Family who is Keiko's only human companion.


A "pilot" story titled Bibbidi Bobbidi Būrin!! (ビビデ·バビデ·ぶ〜りん!!, Bibide Bobide Būrin!!) appeared in the fall 1993 issue of Ciao DX. The manga series subsequently appeared in Ciao from the October 1994 issue through the September 1995 issue. The tankōbon, or collections, were released in three volumes by Shogakukan's Flower Comics label.

  • Volume 1, ISBN 4-09-136451-9 (released April 1995)
  • Volume 2, ISBN 4-09-136452-7 (released August 1995)
  • Volume 3, ISBN 4-09-136453-5 (released October 1995)
  • Anime

    The anime aired on TVB Jade in Hong Kong and on TVBS and TTV in Taiwan. In Poland a Polish dub based on the Saban dub aired on Fox Kids and TVN. In Italy an Italian dub aired on Fox Kids between 2001 and 2002.

  • Openings
    1. Love is Uncool (愛はカッコわるい, Ai wa Kakko Warui)
    2. Lyricist: Manami Tōno / Composer: Tsugumi Kataoka / Arranger: Tsugumi Kataoka / Singers: Parquets
  • Endings
    1. Burin à la mode (ぶーりん あ·ら·もーど, Būrin a ra mōdo)
    2. Lyricist: Manami Tōno / Composer: Tsugumi Kataoka / Arranger: Tsugumi Kataoka / Singers: Parquets


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