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Toluca (meteorite)

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Type  Iron
Group  IAB-sLL
Country  Mexico
Structural classification  Coarse Octahedrite
Composition  91% Fe; 8,1 % Ni
Toluca (meteorite)

Region  Toluca Valley, Jiquipilco, Mexico State

Toluca is an iron meteorite found in 1776 in Mexico near Toluca.



The meteorite probably crashed towards the Earth more than 10000 years earlier. For centuries, Mexican people living near the meteorites, used them as a source of metal for various tools. It was discovered by conquistadores in 1776.

The total known mass is about 3 tonnes.

Composition and classification

This iron meteorite is a coarse octahedrite, chemical type IAB-sLL. The mean composition is 91% Fe and 8,1% Ni. It often contains large troilite inclusions.


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