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Todor Petrov

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Todor Petrov

Far right politician

Political figure

Macedonian Orthodoxy

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19 March 1960 (age 63) Gevgelija, SR Macedonia, SFR Yugoslavia (now Macedonia) (

Saints Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

Political party
Independent politician

Skopje, Macedonia (FYROM)

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Todor Petrov (born March 19, 1960, in Gevgelija, SFR Yugoslavia) is a Macedonian nationalist political activist. He is president of the World Macedonian Congress (WMC). Since the last elections he has been put as a councilor in the Gazi Baba Mayor's council.


Todor petrov shto misli grcija za makedonia

Education and early life

Petrov was born on 19 March 1960 in Gevgelija. He finished his primary and high school in Gevgelija. After he attended the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University where he earned bachelor's degree in Economic.

World Macedonian Congress

Todor Petrov is president of the World Macedonian Congress (WMC). He has been re-elected several times as president of WMC, the last time in 2012 and his mandate expires in 2016. WMC is an informal world parliament of Macedonians and former Macedonian government-in-exile established in 1898 in Geneva, Switzerland. World Macedonian Congress, same as World Jewish Congress, is an affiliate to UN as international non-government organisation.

Makedonsko Sonce

Todor Petrov used to be chairman of the weekly newspaper Makedonsko Sonce, where he promoted the Macedonian cause.

Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1991–1995

In 1991, when the Republic of Macedonia declared independence, Todor Petrov successfully proposed the Vergina Sun symbol as the official flag of Republic of Macedonia. In 1992 the newly formed country displayed the symbol on its new flag. This lasted until 1995, when the Republic of Macedonia was forced to modify its flag by Greece.

Member of Parliament

In 1990, during the first democratic elections Todor Petrov was elected as the Member of Parliament from Gevgelija. Until today he is one of the only three members of parliament who entered parliament as independent candidates. During his four years as a member of parliament, he made over 2000 amendments, which make him the biggest amendment proposer in Macedonia politics.

2004 referendum

In 2004, Todor Petrov and World Macedonian Congress initiated 2004 Macedonian referendum against changes of administrative divisions. According to the government proposal of municipal border, which would decrease the percentage of Macedonians, and transform Struga and Kicevo into Albanians dominated cities, as well as make Albanian to be official language in capital Skopje. Prior to the vote, a Macedonian newspaper carried a story suggesting that if the referendum succeeded, Albanian militants had planned to blow up a pipeline carrying water to the capital Skopje. Just a day before the referendum, USA recognised Macedonia under its constitution name, therefore trying to change the public opinion and putting pressure. Although 95% voted in favour of the change, the voter turnout of 27% was well below the 50% threshold, and the referendum was unsuccessful.

Presidential bid

In 2009, Todor Petrov was nominated to be candidate of VMRO-DPMNE for president of Macedonia. He was not able to secure his candidacy at the party's convention, and VMRO-DPMNE appointed as the party's presidential candidate Gjorge Ivanov, who later became President of Macedonia.

Human rights activities

Todor Petrov has sent thousand of appeals to western countries and international organisations in order to aware them of the harsh position of Macedonians in Ethnic Macedonia and demanding basic human right for them. Also, he is appealing for basic human right of the Macedonian children-refugees expelled from Greece. He is often promoting collecting humanitarian aid through Macedonian diaspora. Also, Todor Petrov took part in organizing of collecting of 400,000 Australian dollars for help to the families of the Macedonian soldiers killed in action during the war in Macedonia in 2001. Also, he organised humanitarian aid for the Macedonian refugees in 2001.


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