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To Get Unstuck in Time

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Written by
Chu King-kei

Country of origin
Hong Kong

Final episode date
17 July 2004

Number of episodes

Theme music composer
Gary Chan

Original language(s)

TVB Jade

Standard Cantonese

To Get Unstuck in Time httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb3

Roger Kwok Flora Chan Patrick Tang Cherie Kong Benz Hui Bill Chan Kiki Sheung Ram Chiang

Opening theme
Fong Yu Kak Sai (恍如隔世) by Patrick Tang

Police procedural, Mystery, Science Fiction

Roger Kwok, Flora Chan, Shiu Hung Hui, Patrick Tang, Kiki Sheung

To Catch the Uncatchable, Untraceable Evidence, Angels of Mission, DIE, Greed Mask

To Get Unstuck In Time is a 2004 Hong Kong mystery/science-fiction television drama produced by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) under executive producer Lam Chi-wah.



The drama stars Benz Hui and Roger Kwok as father and son, who work together across time to solve murders and crimes that occurred in the 1980s and present time. The drama is loosely inspired by the 2000 film Frequency.

Cast and characters

  • Roger Kwok as "Morning Sir" Ho Tin-kwong (何天光) — the senior inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department. He communicates with his deceased father through an old phone that he discovered in his house. Together, they solve crimes that occur both during his father's time and present time.
  • Benz Hui as Ho Tai-hor (何大河) — Morning Sir's father. He worked as a police officer twenty years ago.
  • Flora Chan as Ko Shan (高珊) — Morning Sir's love interest. She writes detective fiction novels and is confined in a wheel chair for the rest of her life.
  • Kiki Sheung as Cheung Yuet-ping (張月萍) — known as "Sister Mon", she is Morning Sir's mother and Hor's wife. She works as a forensic science technician.
  • Patrick Tang as Hugo Yuen Chi-ko (阮志高) — also nicknamed "Ah Hiu", he is an officer under Morning Sir's CID team.
  • Cherie Kong as Lee Sze-ching (李詩菁) — nicknamed "Si Hing" (lit. "Senior brother"), she is Shan's younger cousin. She is an officer under Morning Sir's CID team.
  • Bill Chan as Herman / Ho Ching-nam (賀正南) — Shan's boss.
  • Ram Chiang as Ng Wai-fung (伍偉峰) — nicknamed "Wai Fung" (lit. "powerful" or "awesome"), he is an officer under Morning Sir's CID team. He also worked with Morning Sir's father twenty years ago.
  • Koo Ming-wah as Lau Chung (劉忠) — Hor's sidekick.
  • Henry Lee as Ko King-chueng (高景昌) — Shan's father who is a barrister.
  • Law Koon-lan as Leung Miu-lan (梁妙蘭) — Shan's mother who is a piano teacher.
  • Matt Yeung as Ko Ming (高明) — Shan's younger brother.
  • Siu Leung as Superintendent Chung Kar-ting (鍾家鼎) — Morning Sir's superior.
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