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Tim Birkhead

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Alma mater  Newcastle University
Name  Tim Birkhead
Notable awards  Royal Society

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Born  20 February 1950 (age 65) (1950-02-20)
Institutions  Newcastle University University of Oxford University of Sheffield
Thesis  Breeding biology and survival of guillemots (Uria aalge) (1976)
Education  Newcastle University (1972), University of Oxford
Books  The Red Canary, Bird Sense: What It's Like to Be, The Wisdom of Birds: An, The Magpies: The Ecol, Great Auk Islands; a Field Biol

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Timothy Robert Birkhead FRS (born 28 February 1950) is a British zoologist, and professor of behaviour and evolution at the University of Sheffield.


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Birkhead was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree from Newcastle University in 1972, followed by a Doctor of Philosophy from University of Oxford in 1976 on the Breeding biology and survival of guillemots Uria aalge and a Doctor of Science from Newcastle in 1989 with thesis titled Sperm competition and the behavioural ecology of birds.


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Birkhead's research falls into three main areas:

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  • Post-copulatory sexual selection, mainly in birds
  • Population biology of birds.
  • The history of science, and of reproduction and ornithology in particular.

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    Birkhead has made important contributions to the field of behavioural ecology – the study of how animal behaviour evolves under the influence of environmental pressures. He also studies the competitive actions of male birds' sperm. He showed that extra-pair copulation – where the offspring raised by a pair are the result of the female mating with an outsider male – is common amongst birds. Tim also demonstrated the existence of 'guarding techniques', which are carried out by the male bird in a pair. In studies of the zebra finch, he revealed that the sperm of the last male to mate with a female took precedence for fertilising her eggs.

    His 2016 book on birds' eggs, The Most Perfect Thing, was shortlisted for the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize.


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