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Thozha (2008 film)

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Directed by  N. Sundareswaran
Music by  Premji Amaran
Initial release  11 April 2008
Music director  Premgi Amaren
Written by  N. Sundareswaran
Cinematography  P. Danaa
Director  N. Sundaresan
Thozha (2008 film) mediaimagesmiotovariousartistsTThozha2020
Produced by  M. Palani M. Sureshkumar V. Baskaran P. Paramasivan
Starring  Nithin Sathya Premji Amaran Vijay Vasanth Ajay Raj Sagithiya Jennifer Lakshana Soumya Bollapragada
Cast  Premgi Amaren, Nithin Sathya, Vijay Vasanth, Ajay Raj, Saakshi Siva

Thozha (English: Mate) is a 2008 Tamil film which released on 11 April 2008. Nithin Sathya, Premji Amaren, Vijay Vasanth and Ajay Raj play the lead roles while Jennifer, who has appeared in sister roles in Ghilli and Jambhavan is making her debut as a heroine. Those four actors have already worked together in (Chennai 600028).



The story is about four friends and one of them sacrifices his life for the sake of friendship.

Arivazhagan (Premji Amaren), Gajani (Vijay Vasanth), and Raja (Nithin Sathya) are close friends. Velu (Ajay Raj), who is out to avenge the killing of his younger sister by her boyfriend, also joins these friends. In this situation, a rowdy's daughter, Priya (Nancy Jennifer), loves Velu, but he does not reciprocate. He has to first kill the person who cheated his sister and took her life. When it is known that it is Raja is the culprit, Ajay picks up an 'aruval' and rushes to confront him. In the meantime, Raja hires a mercenary paying him Rs 5 lakes to kill Velu. The friends are divided and the outcome of the clashes between them forms the climax.


  • Nithin Sathya as Raja
  • Premji Amaran as Arivazhagan
  • Vijay Vasanth as Gajani
  • Ajay Raj as Velu
  • Sagithiya as Meenakshi
  • Nancy Jennifer as Priya
  • Lakshana
  • Soumya Bollapragada as Manisha Gupta
  • Venniradai Moorthy
  • Delhi Kumar
  • Ajay Ratnam
  • Kavithalaya Krishnan
  • Saakshi Siva
  • Raviprakash
  • Babylona as Saroja
  • Suja Varunee (item number)
  • Soundtrack

    Soundtrack was composed by Premji Amaran and lyrics were written by Gangai Amaran, Vaali, Snehan. Soundtrack contains the remixed version of "Oru Nayagan" from Dhavani Kanavugal (1984).

  • Adiye En — Vijay Yesudas, Chinmayi
  • Oru Nayagan — SPB Charan, Venkatprabhu, Premji Amaran
  • Thekku Pakkam — Ranjith, Premji Amaran
  • Critical reception

    Behindwoods wrote "Director Sundareswaran subjects you to a melodramatic version of struggling-youngsters-making-it-big combined with a friend’s-sacrifice story. He also stages the hate-me-since-I-will-die-in-a-few-days sacrificial love story intertwined in a plot already ridden with too many clichés." Balaji B of Thiraipadam wrote "Thozhaa has a strong central protagonist but surrounds him with characters who are not so strong. So the film is on strong ground when focusing on its protagonist but turns slow and dragging when dealing with the people surrounding him. This happens throughout the film, from the initial backstories the characters are given to the final climax. So on the whole, Thozhaa is a not-so-bad film about a good friend." Rediff wrote "Imagine a sturdy house, brightly coloured, reasonably proportioned standing on wilting, slender sticks that barely support it amidst swirling flood-waters. That's Arowana Films' Thozha, directed by N Sundareshwaran."


    1Adiyae En VannakkiliChinmayi - Vijay Yesudas4:47
    2Kadhal DevathaiHaricharan - Saindhavi4:45
    3Oru NayaganVenkat Prabhu - Premgi Amaren - S P B Charan3:57


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