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Thookku Thookki

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Director  R. M. Krishnaswami
Language  Tamil
6.6/10 IMDb

Country  India
Thookku Thookki Thookku Thookki YouTube
Release date  26 August 1954

Thookku thookki 1954 eraatha malaithanilae connected scene

Thookku Thookki (Tamil: தூக்குத் தூக்கி) is a 1954 Tamil film starring Sivaji Ganesan, Lalitha and Padmini.



It was a successful Tamil play that had the following Tamil Maxims forming the core of its story.
1. A father cares only for the riches earned by his son;
2. Only a mother stands by her son irrespective of whether he is rich or poor;
3. A sister values her brother only for the gifts he brings her;
4. A wife shall even murder her own husband; and
5. A friend in need is always a friend indeed.

A young prince Chitragathan (Sivaji Ganesan) hears the above mentioned maxims at Aarachi Mandram (a place for Research) and sets out to prove them wrong. As a result he goes to his father empty handed without bringing policies and wealth. His father sacks him out of the country as a punishment. The empty handed prince then approaches his mother and she supports her son, becoming angry with his father. The prince then goes to his sister's place, where he is treated well for the first few days, and later shown hatred for having come without any money or gifts.

Seeing his sister's hatred, the prince realises the truth of the maxims. Further he wants to experiment the remaining two. He goes to his wife Prema (Lalitha) who is having an affair with a North Indian costume merchant (T. S. Balaih). Initially, Prema blames the prince friend character is not ok and asks him to leave his friendship. Same way, the prince friend says the truth about the princess.

Caught in a dilemma, Chitragathan monitors the activities of his wife and the merchant as a spy and finds the relationship. He can then flies to another city to act as a mentally retarted person where he finds Malathy (Padmini) as the princess of the empire of Madhurapuri. He saves her from the one side love of hers teachers son and reveals his identity.

The film concludes on a happy note with Chitragathan and Malathy marrying and where his ex- wife dies drinking venom and the merchant being arrested.


  • Sivaji Ganesan
  • Lalitha
  • Padmini
  • Ragini
  • T. S. Balaiah
  • P. B. Rangachari
  • R. Balasubramaniam
  • Valaiyapathi G. Muthukrishnan
  • P. S. Vengadasalam
  • C. K. Saraswathi
  • Sattampillai Venkatraman
  • T. N. Sivadhanu
  • S. S. Sivasooriyan
  • Crew

  • Producer: M. Radhakrishnan
  • Production Company: Aruna Films
  • Director: R. M. Krishnaswami
  • Music: G. Ramanathan
  • Lyrics: Udumalai Narayana Kavi, Thanjai N. Ramaiah Dass & A. Maruthakasi
  • Story:
  • Screenplay:
  • Dialogues: A. T. Krishnasamy & V. N. Sambandham
  • Art Direction: Raju
  • Editing: R. M. Venugopal
  • Choreography: V. Madhavan
  • Cinematography: R. M. Krishnaswami
  • Stunt: Stunt Somu
  • Dance: None
  • Soundtrack

    The music was composed by G. Ramanathan. Lyrics by Udumalai Narayana Kavi, Thanjai N. Ramaiah Dass & A. Maruthakasi. Playback singers are T. M. Soundararajan, V. N. Sundharam, M. L. Vasanthakumari, P. Leela, M. S. Rajeswari & A. P. Komala.


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