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The surname Thom is of Scottish origin, from the city of Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Angus, and is a sept of the Clan MacThomas.


Thom is also a first name variant of the abbreviation "Tom" of "Thomas" that holds the "h".

People with the surname

  • Alexander Thom (1894–1985), archaeo-astronomer
  • Andreas Thom (b. 1965), former German football player
  • Bing Thom (b. 1940), Canadian architect
  • Cameron E. Thom (1825–1915), early settler in California, Confederate officer and lawyer
  • Cristy Thom (b. 1971), American model, actress and artist
  • Gerard Thom (c.1040–1120), founder of the Knights Hospitaller
  • James Alexander Thom (b. 1933), American author
  • James Crawford Thom (1835–1898), American painter
  • Jess Thom, English comedian
  • John Nichols Thom (1799–1838), self-declared messiah
  • Linda Thom (b. 1943), Canadian Olympic gold medal-winning shooter
  • Margaret Thom, Deputy Commissioner of the Northwest Territories, Canada
  • René Thom (1923–2002), French mathematician
  • Robert Thom (engineer) (1774–1847), Scottish hydraulic engineer
  • Robert Thom (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Ronald Thom (1923–1986), Canadian architect
  • Sandi Thom (b. 1981), singer-songwriter
  • William Thom (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Distribution of the surname

  • Distribution of the surname Thom in Great Britain, 1881
  • Distribution of the surname Thom in Great Britain, 1998
  • People with the nickname or given name

  • Thom Andersen (born 1943), American filmmaker, film critic and teacher
  • Thomas Thom Bell (born 1943), Jamaican-born American songwriter, arranger and producer, one of the creators of the Philadelphia style of soul music
  • Thom Browne, American fashion designer
  • Thom Christopher (born 1940), American actor
  • Thomas Thom Darden (born 1950), American retired National Football League player
  • Thomas Thom Dornbrook (born 1956), American retired National Football League player
  • Thom Eberhardt (born 1947), American film director, producer and screenwriter
  • Thom Evans (born 1985), Scottish former international rugby union player
  • Thomas Thom Fitzgerald (born 1968), American-Canadian film and theatre director, screenwriter, playwright and producer
  • Thom Flodqvist, Swedish professional ice hockey player
  • Thomas Thom Gimbel, American musician best known as a member of the rock band Foreigner
  • Thomas Thom de Graaf (born 1957), Dutch jurist and politician, former Deputy Prime Minister (2003-2005)
  • Thomson Thom Gunn (1929–2004), Anglo-American poet
  • Thomas Thom Hartmann (born 1951), American radio host, author, former psychotherapist, entrepreneur and political commentator
  • Thom Haye (born 1995), Dutch footballer
  • Thom Jackson (born 1988), Australian Songwriter and Ukulele player
  • Thom Jones (born 1945), American writer, primarily of short stories
  • Thomas Thom Mathews (born 1958), American actor
  • Thom Noble (born 1936), British film editor
  • Thom Racina, American television writer and novelist
  • Thomas Thom Russo (born 1969), American record producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter
  • Thomas Thom Schuyler (born 1952), American songwriter and singer
  • Thomas Thom Tillis (born 1960), American politician, Senator from North Carolina
  • Thomas Thom Yorke (born 1968), English musician, singer and principal songwriter of the alternative rock band Radiohead
  • Thom Bertrum Simbeye (born 1999), an upcoming artist
  • People with the stage name or pseudonym

  • Thom Hell, Norwegian singer-songwriter Thomas Helland (born 1976)
  • Thom Hoffman, Dutch actor and photographer Thomas Antonius Cornelis Ancion (born 1957)
  • Fictional characters

  • Thom Kallor, a DC Comics superhero
  • References

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