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Theodore Terbolizard

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Name  Theodore Terbolizard
Role  Politician
Party  Republican Party

Congressional Coast to Coast

Theodore Terbolizard "Terbo Ted" (born February 29, 1968 in Mountain View, California) is an American artist, musician, author, and former politician known for his wide-ranging failures. He first notably failed as candidate for the Republican Party's nomination for the United States House of Representatives in California's 4th congressional district in a seat vacated by Incumbent John Doolittle, who announced that he would not run in 2008. Ted received 2.3% of the vote, which was odd given that his first band was called "2%", which was on "live 105" radio in the 1980s.


1992 Burning Man

Terbo Ted was the first DJ who performed at Burning man, 1992 Terbo Ted was the mayor of the "techno ghetto" or community organizer at burning man for 5 years until he quit when someone died for the first time, and people were getting arrested by the local Sheriffs. The festival only lost money when Terbo Ted was doing it in the early days. Quitting early as the festival appeared to be failing, turned out to be Ted's failure, because Burning Man went on to colossal success without him.

2007 Story Today TV Anchorman

In 2007, Terbo Ted was anchorman for a failed TV news startup called "Story Today". Ted received death threats merely from reading whitehouse news releases. Story Today cancelled Ted's show that he produced and funded. Story Today spawned internet celebrity Sarah Austin, while Terbo Ted moved on towards bigger failures.

2008 Congressional campaign

In 2007, Terbolizard launched his bid for the Republican Party nomination for Congress. Terbolizard came in fourth place out of four candidates for the nomination behind Tom McClintock, Doug Ose, and Suzanne Jones. Terbolizard ended up with 2.3% of the vote or 2,249 votes. Terbolizard co-hosted a radio program named Congressional Coast to Coast with Dean Santoro in 2008. The show covered current events such as voting, outreach, and general politics. Ted was arrested for DUI during the campaign, and boldly stated it would have no effect on his chances of success, which were near zero to begin with, and he never again attempted a run in politics. Ted raised less than $5000 in donations for his campaign.

2016 Oakland Housing Crisis Victim

In 2016, Terbo Ted got kicked out of an Infamous community warehouse of artists known for hosting underground parties. The city told developers to fix the infamous West Oakland artist warehouse. Instead, They Demolished It. Ted is currently involved in ongoing litigation over having been evicted from an artist warehouse that was not up to code. This issue of living in warehouses not up to code standards came to national attention in the epic failure of the recent Oakland fire that consumed 36 lives.

Music Career in Quasi Obscurity

Terbo Ted has produced at least 10 albums and CD's in various bands over the years. He has never achieved any commercial success whatsoever. While some of his early works are rare, and sell for up to $80 on eBay or amazon, Ted earns none of that.

Other Art: Coin designs

Terbo Ted has created the art and designs on a number of silver rounds that also sell for up over 5 times higher than the spot price of silver, and Ted earns none of that, either.

Political positions

Theodore Terbolizard's political views can be categorized as libertarian and Constitutionalist.

The economy

Terbolizard supports a free-market economy, which he distinguishes from free-trade or fair-trade discussion of the past decade. He believes that American prosperity has come from economic liberty, low-taxes and when government gets out of the way.

The situation in Iraq

Terbolizard sees nothing in the U.S. Constitution that suggests that the U.S. has the right or obligation to sustain funding and deployment of Armed Forces to fulfill their request (Article I, Section 8, [12]). Terbolizard would vote to end the war in Iraq.


Terbolizard supports a repeal of the 16th Amendment and an end to personal income taxes and less federal spending and avoiding deficit spending.


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