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The Unwritten Law (film)

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Language  Cantonese
Director  Ng See-yuen
Country  Hong Kong
The Unwritten Law (film) movie poster

Release date  26 September 1985 (1985-09-26)

andy lau the unwritten law part 7 of 8

The Unwritten Law is a 1985 Hong Kong trial drama film directed by written, produced and directed by Ng See-yuen and starring Andy Lau and Deanie Ip. The film was a critical and commercial success and was followed by two sequels. The Truth (1988) and The Truth Final Episode (1989). Because the film and its subsequent two sequels has displayed a touching mother and son love, Deanie Ip had the title of "Andy Lau's mother".


The Unwritten Law (film) movie scenes Unwritten Law

andy lau the unwritten law part 1 of 8


The Unwritten Law (film) movie scenes Unwritten Law

Raymond Lau (Andy Lau) grew up in an orphanage, and is an honors graduate from the University of London School of Law, specializing in criminal law, just obtained a law license returning to Hong Kong for his career. Since Raymond's fiance's family also has a background of law, Raymond came in contact with hosei business's complex power relations. At this time a case occurred, an over 50-year-old prostitute Lau Wai Lan (Deanie Ip) is suspected of killing the son of a dignitary rich client. At that time no one is willing to defend her, and she also wants to just die to end herself. People are not optimistic about the work ethic and sense of justice is still driving, Raymond Lau took over the case.

Rookie lawyer Raymond through Old Kwan's (Lau Siu Ming) help, searches for evidence everywhere, the truth gradually unraveling the case, but also opposed by the father of his fiancee, and also the relationship with his fiancee gradually goes down. In an accident, Wai Lan saw Raymond possesses a pocket watch with "bright future" engraved on, a gift that she gave her son many years back and finds out Raymond was her son whom she took to Dean Maria's orphanage. Wai Lan has not abandoned Raymond, she became a dance and anonymously cared for Raymond, and paid for his tutitions and summons for the University of London School of Law. Wan Lan worried about the exposure of her identity would ruin Raymond's honor and identity, she refused to let Raymond defend her.

Raymond cannot accept that Wai Lan refused his defense, Wai Lan does not say anything, but under the persuasion of Old Kwan, Wai Lan finally agreed to let Raymond defense. Court offense and defense, Raymond logic clearly refutes, points out the contradiction of the allegations of witness, and the inference that the deceased is a sexual pervert, Raymond finds the victims of sexual abuse prostitutes to testify based on clues and also looked for the victim's psychiatrist testified. The psychiatrist, however, denied that the victim is his patient. Fortunately, one of Raymond's orphanage mates, Tang Siu Fan, who is one of the nurses of the clinic, agrees to testify in court, and comes up with the medical records evidence that the victim is indeed his patient.

Prosecutor (Paul Chun) summoned Maria, the retired orphanage director, to testify in court about Wai Lan and Raymond's mother and son relationship. According to the British statutes and regulations shall not have such kinship between lawyer and client, asking the judge to immediately revoke the litigation. However, Mary fingered the cross, firmly denies Wai Lan and Raymond's mother and son relationship. The consent of the jury, the judge ruled that Wai Lan was harassed by her client, and killed him under self-defense. At the end, Raymond still does not know that Wai Lan is his birth mother.


  • Andy Lau as Raymond Lau
  • Deanie Ip as Lau Wai Lan
  • Yammie Lam as Annie, Raymond Lau's girlfriend
  • Joann Tang as Tang Siu Fan
  • Lau Siu Ming as Old Kwan, Raymond's adviser
  • Paul Chun as Prosecutor Yim Yat Kong
  • Lai Suen as Sister Yung
  • Staurt Ong as Tsang Wing Lim, the murdered client
  • Wong Wai as Barrister Law
  • Andy Tai
  • Chan Yau Hau as Boss Tsang
  • Joseph Lee as Lawyer Ting
  • Kam Biu
  • Chan Yuet Yue
  • Yau Lai Fong
  • Hon Lai Fan
  • Ng Yip Kwong
  • Felix Lok
  • Peter Macintosh as Judge
  • Elainor Johnson as Nun
  • Lung Cheuk
  • Cheung Sak Au as Uncle Wong
  • Leung Chi
  • Award nominations

    5th Hong Kong Film Awards

  • Nominated: Best Screenplay (Ng See-yuen)
  • Nominated: Best Actress (Deanie Ip)
  • Box office

    The film grossed HK$11,618,066 at the Hong Kong box office in its theatrical run from 26 September to 16 October 1985 in Hong Kong.

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