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The Unknown Soldier (1955 film)

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Director  Edvin Laine
Film series  Under the North Star
Country  Finland
8/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, War
Music director  Ahti Sonninen
Language  Finnish
The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) movie poster
Writer  Juha Nevalainen, Vaino Linna
Release date  December 1955
Initial release  December 23, 1955 (Finland)
Cast  Åke Lindman (Lehto), Kosti Klemelä (Vilho Koskela), Heikki Savolainen (Urho Hietanen), Reino Tolvanen (Antero Rokka), Tauno Palo (Sarastie), Helena Vinkka (Vera)
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The Unknown Soldier (Finnish: Tuntematon sotilas) is a Finnish film directed by Edvin Laine and premiered in December 1955. It is based on The Unknown Soldier, a novel by Väinö Linna. The story is about the Continuation War between Finland and the Soviet Union as told from the viewpoint of ordinary Finnish soldiers. The film was and remains the most successful movie ever in Finland; about 2.8 million people, or more than half the Finnish population, saw it in theaters. Its portrayal of Linna's characters is widely accepted as canonical.


The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) movie scenes

Plot synopsis

The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) Asahamanas independece day special The Unknown soldier movie 1955

Set against the events of the Finnish continuation war, the film follows a machine gun troops journey into Soviet Union. The troop includes the simple-minded Hietanen, the jokey Vanhala, the cynical Lahtinen, the cowardly Riitaoja and grumpy Lehto. The film also follows the command officers, such as the happy and slightly senile Captain Kaarna, the young and idealistic 2nd Lieutenant Kariluoto, the calm and modest 2nd lieutenant Koskela and the strict and unsympathetic Lieutenant Lammio. They face many struggles, such as seeing the supportive Kaarna die in their first battle, three of the soldiers refusing to leave their punishment post during an air-raid as well as defending the trenches after the Finns have taken back parts of Karelia. Part of the way, the troop is joined by Rokka, a Karelian veteran of the winter war, who also clashes with Lammio due to having little respect for military discipline despite being an excellent and capable soldier.

The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) The Unknown Soldier 1955 MUBI

Throughout the film several of the main characters die. Lehto is injured during night-patrol, left behind and shoots himself. Riitaoja dies the same night when he runs off frightened and gets lost in the woods. Lahtinen dies during the winter, defending his position as his fellow soldiers flee. Hietanen becomes blinded when he saves a young serviceman from being shot. His military ambulance crashes and the blinded Hietanen is gunned down by passing Russian planes while trying to save the other injured soldiers. Kariluoto dies while leading a counter-attack, and shortly afterwards Koskela gets shot while destroying a tank using a satchel charge.


The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) Tuntematon Sotilas The Unknown Soldier 1955 Ensitaistelu
  • Kosti Klemelä as Lt. Koskela
  • Heikki Savolainen as Sgt. Hietanen
  • Reino Tolvanen as Cpl. Rokka
  • Veikko Sinisalo as Cpl. Lahtinen
  • Åke Lindman as Cpl. Lehto
  • Pentti Siimes as PFC. Määttä
  • Leo Riuttu as Pvt. Vanhala
  • Kaarlo Halttunen as Pvt. Rahikainen
  • Matti Ranin as Cpt. Kariluoto
  • Jussi Jurkka as Lt. Lammio
  • Tauno Palo as Maj. Sarastie
  • Pentti Irjala as Cpt. Kaarna
  • Vilho Siivola as Supply Cpl. Mäkilä
  • Olavi Ahonen as Pvt. Riitaoja
  • Tarmo Manni as Pvt. Honkajoki
  • Veli-Matti Kaitala as Pvt. Hauhia
  • Tapio Hämäläinen as Pvt. Salo
  • Martti Romppanen as Pvt. Sihvonen
  • Vili Auvinen as Pvt. Asumaniemi
  • Legacy

    The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) Original vs Remake The Unknown Soldier Tuntematon Sotilas 1955

    Since 2000, Yle has broadcast the film every year on the Independence Day of Finland (December 6). In 2015, the movie was moved to Yle Teema, away from its usual slot on either Yle TV1 or Yle TV2.

    The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) Tuntematon sotilas The Unknown Soldier 1955 Edvin Laine Kosti

    In 1985 Rauni Mollberg directed a a remake of the film with Väinö Linna's approval. The film version follows the novel more closely - but also features obvious visual nods to the 1955 version.

    The Unknown Soldier (1955 film) Tuntematon sotilas The Unknown Soldier 1955 Edvin Laine Kosti

    A new film version, directed by Aku Louhimies is planned for 2017.


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