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The Tigers (Japanese band)

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Origin  Japan
Associated acts  Bee Gees
Genres  Group Sounds, Baroque pop
Years active  1966-1971, 1981-1983
Active until  1983
The Tigers (Japanese band) 60spunkm78comimagetigers6jpg

Albums  Human Renaissance, The Tigers On Stage
Members  Kenji Sawada, Ittoku Kishibe, Minoru Hitomi, Taro Morimoto, Shiro Kishibe

The Tigers were a popular Japanese band during the Group Sounds era in the late 1960s. The group featured Kenji Sawada as their lead singer, and were signed by Watanabe Productions.


The group was first named "Funnys", and was formed in 1966. They changed their name to "The Tigers" on their first TV performance on 15 November 1966. They appeared in several Japanese movies in the late 1960s.

The Tigers recorded "Smile for Me", composed by Barry and Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees, which was released as a single in July 1969 in the UK and Japan. Also in March 1969, the group was featured on the cover of the US magazine Rolling Stone, the cover story was about rock music in Japan.

On 24 January 1971, The Tigers held their last concert, The Tigers Beautiful Concert, at the Nippon Budokan. After The Tigers broke up, Sawada formed the first Japanese supergroup, Pyg, in 1971.

In 1981, they reunited.


  • My Mary (Debut Single)
  • Seaside Bound
  • Mona Liza’s Smile
  • Love Only For You
  • Flower Necklace/Romance in Milky Way(Double A Side)
  • C-C-C
  • A White Dove
  • Blue Bird
  • A Decree Of Love
  • Grief
  • Smile For Me
  • Now I Forgive You/Love Love Love
  • Solitude The City
  • The Free Travel
  • Promise For Future
  • Songs

    Wasurekaketa Komoriuta Lullaby For The Lost SunHuman Renaissance · 1968
    Tiger BoogieMaster Cuts · 2012
    Inochino CantataHuman Renaissance · 1968


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