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The Showroom Tales

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Traditional  售樓處的故事
Directed by  Ying Da
Genre  Sitcom
Simplified  售楼处的故事
Number of episodes  40
Language  Standard Mandarin
Also known as  ''Showroom Tales ‹ The template below (Infobox name module) is being considered for merging. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. ›
Written by  Ying Ning Zhuang Dashan Wang Shaoxiong Yu Baimei Bai Zhilong Ma Xinghai Li Dan Lü Xin Lei Mingxin Gong Hanlin Xing Yusen
Starring  Yu Meng Nie Ning Wang Yuning Li Ying Zhang Danlu

The Showroom Tales is a Chinese sitcom first broadcast on CCTV-3 in 2003. The show focuses on 4-5 likable young sales agents working in a real estate showroom in Shenzhen.


It was directed by the "godfather of Chinese sitcoms" Ying Da (I Love My Family).


  • Yu Meng as Luo Jingjing, a 25-year-old college graduate from Beijing.
  • Nie Ning as Li Dan, a 21-year-old country girl from Jiangxi.
  • Zhang Danlu as Jin Suji, a 23-year-old girl from northeast China. She only appears in the first 16 episodes, after which she left for a position at the nightclub.
  • Li Ying as Wang Yuzhen, Jin Suji's replacement also from northeast China. She appears from episode 17 to 40.
  • Wang Yuning as Li Junliang, the only male agent. He is also from northeast China.
  • Supporting

  • Zhao Lingqi as Ye Yuhong, a 50-something office cleaner.
  • Jin Zhu as Lu Xia, the supervisor of all agents.
  • Gong Hanlin as Cao Youfa, the chief manager of the apartment complex.
  • Liang Tian as Gao Gong, the owner of the apartment complex.
  • Cai Ming as Bai Ling, a former sales agent who married a rich man she met on her job.
  • Guests

    Over 40 established actors and comedians appeared on the show as guests, mostly portraying customers, including Pan Changjiang, Guo Da, Yu Rongguang, Xia Yu, Sun Yue, Xu Zheng, Guo Donglin, Yin Xiangjie, and Luo Jin.


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