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The Sexorcist

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Released  August 2, 2005
Length  56:16
Street Villains Vol. 2 (2005)  The Sexorcist (2005)
Artist  Necro
Label  Psycho+Logical-Records
Recorded  2004–2005
Producer  Necro
The Sexorcist (2005)  Death Rap (2007)
Release date  2 August 2005

Genres  Hip hop music, Hardcore hip hop, Dirty rap
Similar  Death Rap, Instrumentals Vol 1, Rare Demos & Freestyle, Sadist Hitz, Barn of the Naked Dead

Necro the sexorcist full album

The Sexorcist is the fourth studio album by American rapper Necro, released on August 2, 2005 by Psycho+Logical-Records. Necro has been known for his gory lyrics, however this album marked a focus particularly on sex and porn. It is also the second album to feature live instrumentation by Necro himself. Necro's reach into the porn industry is evident on this album as porn stars like Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera, Alex Sanders and Peter North perform on him during the intermissions. Despite the album's suggestive themes which include gore, degradation, sex, bondage, and diaper play, Necro chose not to place a parental advisory sticker on the cover.


The album contains 16 studio tracks, five skits and an outro. Featured guests on the album include Antwon Lamar Robinson, Joey Silvera, Necro's brother Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, Goretex, Mitch Matlock, Katja Kassin, Jenny (Shirley Bassey) Van Houten, Avy Lee Roth, Maya, Jerry Butler, Jenny Krenwinkle, Eve Lawrence, Sabac, Dick Nasty and Alexis Malone. Featured guests on the skits include Ron Jeremy, Katsumi, Brittany Andrews and Van Styles.

A special edition version of The Sexorcist contains nine bonus tracks and a bonus DVD containing unreleased music videos as well as concert and backstage footage. The special edition release was originally set to be released August 5, 2008, but KOCH refused to distribute it due to the graphic sexual content (including urophilia) and nudity featured on the DVD. They asked Necro to edit the entire DVD before it could be released, but Necro refused. This caused delays for both this album and the special edition release of 2007's Death Rap. It was finally released in its entirety on November 11, 2008.

The Sexorcist is one of the few Necro albums to not have an instrumental version released as well.

Necro the sexorcist full album

Track listing

  • All tracks produced by Necro
    1. "Who's Ya Daddy?" – 3:19 (samples The Zombies' "Time of the Season")
    2. "Pussy Is My Weakness" (featuring Antwon Lamar Robinson) – 3:18
    3. "Whore" (featuring Joey Silvera) – 4:07
    4. "Edge Play" (featuring Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, Mitch Matlock and Katja Kassin) – 5:42
    5. "Suckadelic" (featuring Jenny (Shirley Bassey) Van Houten) – 3:18
    6. "Ron Jeremy" (skit) (performed by Ron Jeremy) – 0:30
    7. "You Bitches Love to Get Fucked in the Ass" (featuring Avy Lee Roth) – 3:00
    8. "Piss" – 1:45 (samples Marvin Gaye, "Anna's Song")
    9. "Katsumi" (skit) (performed by Katsumi) – 0:18
    10. "Out the Pocket" (featuring Maya) – 3:08
    11. "Brittany Andrews" (skit) (performed by Brittany Andrews) – 0:23
    12. "She's Got a Great Ass!" (featuring Ill Bill and Jerry Butler) – 3:10
    13. "I Wanna Fuck" (featuring Jenny Krenwinkle, the other Manson whores and Eve Laurence) – 2:48
    14. "Van Styles" (skit) (performed by Van Styles) – 0:21
    15. "We Fuck Virgins" (featuring Sabac and Antwon Lamar Robinson) – 3:16
    16. "Horny Honeys" (featuring Goretex and Debbie Mercado) – 3:30 (samples Vangelis, "Pulstar")
    17. "Ron Jeremy vs. Jerry Butler" (skit) (performed by Ron Jeremy and Jerry Butler) – 0:52
    18. "I Remain Stiff" (featuring Manson whore and Dick Nasty) – 2:22
    19. "The Sexpert" (featuring Alexis Malone) – 4:17
    20. "I Degrade You" (featuring Ill Bill) – 2:58
    21. "Vaginal Secretions" – 3:29 (samples Tony Silvester & The New Ingredients, "Pazuzu")
    22. "Ron & Jerry" (outro) (performed by Ron Jeremy and Jerry Butler) – 0:15

    Special edition bonus tracks

    1. "You-Ho (Remix)" (samples The Doors' "Hello, I Love You")
    2. "Broads Verse"
    3. "Black Hole Verse"
    4. "Lanny Barbie Verse"
    5. "Fucking 50 Bitches"
    6. "DNA Test Verse"
    7. "She's Got a Great Ass! (Remix)"
    8. "Lanny Barbie Theme Instrumental"
    9. "Jade Instrumental"


  • Necro – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, arranging, composing, writing, production, recording, mixing
  • Elliot Thomas – recording, mixing
  • Charles de Montebello – mastering
  • Hobin Choi – recording
  • The Zombies – sampled on "Who's Ya Daddy?"
  • Antwon Lamar Robinson – guest vocals
  • Joey Silvera – guest vocals
  • Ill Bill – guest vocals, songwriting
  • Mr. Hyde – guest vocals, songwriting
  • Mitch Matlock – guest vocals
  • Katja Kassin – guest vocals
  • Jenny (Shirley Bassey) Van Houten – guest vocals
  • Ron Jeremy – guest vocals
  • Avy Lee Roth – guest vocals
  • Katsumi – guest vocals
  • Maya – guest vocals
  • Brittany Andrews – guest vocals
  • Jerry Butler – guest vocals
  • Jenny Krenwinkle – guest vocals
  • The other Manson whores – guest vocals
  • Eve Laurence – guest vocals
  • Van Styles – guest vocals
  • Sabac – guest vocals, songwriting
  • Goretex – guest vocals, songwriting
  • Debbie Mercado – guest vocals
  • Manson whore – guest vocals
  • Dick Nasty – guest vocals
  • Alexis Malone – guest vocals
  • Al Rio – cover art
  • Songs

    1Who's Ya Daddy?3:19
    2Pussy Is My WeaknessAntwon Lamar Robinson3:18
    3WhoreJoey Silvera4:07


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