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The Secret of My Success (1965 film)

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Genre  Comedy
Music director  Lucien Cailliet
Country  United Kingdom
5.1/10 IMDb

Director  Andrew L. Stone
Writer  Andrew L. Stone
Language  English
The Secret of My Success (1965 film) movie poster
Release date  3 November 1965 (1965-11-03) (United States) 20 December 1965 (1965-12-20) (United Kingdom)
Producers  Andrew L. Stone, Virginia L. Stone
Cast  Shirley Jones (Marigold Marado), Honor Blackman (Lily, Baroness von Lukenberg), Stella Stevens (Violet Lawson), James Booth (Arthur Tate), Richard Vernon (Lord Hetherby), Amy Dalby (Mrs. Tate)
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Tagline  How three beautiful girls love for fun - and murder for profit.

The secret of my success 1987 movie

Arthur Tate (James Booth) is a dull-minded, low-ranking police officer in a small English town. However, with help from his kindly, perceptive mother (Amy Dalby), Arthur solves a murder committed by a local seamstress (Stella Stevens), takes down a baroness (Honor Blackman) who has been breeding terrifyingly large spiders, stops a revolutionary (Shirley Jones) attempting to overthrow a Third World government and might just manage to secure a big promotion.


The Secret of My Success (1965 film) movie scenes

The Secret of My Success (a.k.a. The Secret of My Success or: How Three Beautiful Girls Love for Fun—and Murder for Profit) is a 1965 British comedy film from American writer-director Andrew L. Stone, starring James Booth, Shirley Jones, Stella Stevens and Honor Blackman, along with Lionel Jeffries featured in four separate roles.

Women (Shirley Jones, Stella Stevens) and his mother help an English constable (James Booth) rise to ruler of a banana republic.


Thanks to his mothers help, Arthur Tate somehow makes a remarkable rise from a lowly constable to the ruler of a South America country.

His story begins with Inspector Hobarts investigation into dressmaker Violet Lawsons missing husband. Hobart suspects foul play and digs up Violets cellar, looking for the body. Violet did indeed kill her spouse, but doesnt bury the corpse there until after Hobart has dug the hole. A helpful tip from Arthurs mum makes him the hero who solves the case.

Baron von Lukenberg is then arrested for creating a species of deadly spiders. But it is actually his wife, the Baroness, who is responsible. Arthur, with his mums aid, once again saves the day. President Esteda of the South American nation of Guanduria is so favorably impressed, he hires Arthur to be his personal liaison.

Marigold Marado turns up, telling Arthur she wants to make a film about his heroism. What he doesnt know is that Marigold is a revolutionary who hopes to overthrow Estedas government. The film she ends up creating inadvertently turns Arthur into a great revolutionary hero, and it is he who becomes Guandurias new leader.

Arthur can do no wrong. The Earl of Aldershot learns of his great deeds and leaves Arthur the grand sum of 15 million pounds in his will. Arthur goes back to England to the Earls mansion to collect, intending to give all the money away to charity, but leaving it to his mother in case of his death. She blows up the mansion with her son in it.

Critical reception

  • The New York Times noted the film as a "lengthy, busy but largely unfunny melange of comedy and melodrama."
  • Sky Movies wrote of the film as a "pleasing comedy", and noted, "Lionel Jeffries does a mini-Alec Guinness by playing four parts."
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