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The Sacred Flame (1931 film)

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Produced by  Henry Blanke
Distributed by  Warner Brothers
Production company  Warner Bros.
Cinematography  Frank Kesson
Production company  Warner Brothers
Running time  1h 26m
Producer  Henry Blanke
Directed by  William Dieterle Berthold Viertel
Written by  Heinrich Fraenkel W. Somerset Maugham (play) Berthold Viertel
Starring  Gustav Fröhlich Dita Parlo Hans Heinrich von Twardowski
Directors  William Dieterle, Berthold Viertel
Cast  Gustav Fröhlich, Dita Parlo, Hans Heinrich von Twar
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The sacred flame coal fire 1943

The Sacred Flame (German: Die heilige Flamme) is a lost 1931 American drama film directed by William Dieterle and Berthold Viertel and starring Gustav Fröhlich, Dita Parlo and Hans Heinrich von Twardowski. It was made by Warner Brothers as a German-language remake of the studio's 1929 film The Sacred Flame.



Rudolf Arnheim said "It is incomprehensible how such a film can be launched in a large cinema, rather than being chastely hidden away from the eyes of any kind of criticism."


  • Gustav Fröhlich
  • Dita Parlo
  • Hans Heinrich von Twardowski
  • Salka Viertel
  • Charlotte Hagenbruch
  • Vladimir Sokoloff
  • Anton Pointner
  • Hubert von Meyerinck
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