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The Rebel Set

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Director  Gene Fowler, Jr.
Music director  Paul Dunlap
Country  USA
2.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama
Cinematography  Karl Struss
Language  English
The Rebel Set movie poster
Writer  Bernard Girard, Louis Vittes
Release date  1959
Cast  Gregg Palmer (John Mapes), Kathleen Crowley (Jeanne Mapes), Edward Platt (Mr. Tucker / Mr. T), John Lupton (Ray Miller), Don Sullivan (George Leland), Ned Glass (Sidney Horner)
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Tagline  Dig that deadly beat!

The Rebel Set is a 1959 American film directed by Gene Fowler Jr. It was later featured and riffed on Mystery Science Theater 3000 in Season 4.


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Plot summary

The Rebel Set FileThe Rebel Set 1959 poster 1jpg Wikimedia Commons

Mr. Tucker (Platt), proprietor of a Los Angeles coffee house, hires three down-on-their-luck patrons: out-of-work actor John Mapes (Palmer); struggling writer Ray Miller (Lupton); and George Leland (Sullivan), the wayward son of movie star Rita Leland, to participate in an armored car robbery to take place during a four-hour stopover in Chicago during the trio's train trip from Los Angeles to New York. Mapes' worried wife Jeanne joins him on the train, concerned about his not having had a job in more than a year.

The Rebel Set The Rebel Set Wikipedia

Tucker and his henchman Sidney (Glass) fly ahead to set up the robbery, which goes off without a hitch. However, once back on the train, Leland's greed gets the better of him. Tucker double crosses the trio, eliminating Leland and Miller, leaving Mapes as the only one left to stop Tucker from getting away with murder, along with the entire haul. Jean manages to keep police from shooting her husband as he foils the scheme. Movie star Rita is surrounded by reporters as she waits for son George to arrive on the train, unaware that he is dead.


The Rebel Set The Rebel Set 1959 Beatnik Film Noir Candlelight Stories
  • Gregg Palmer as John Mapes
  • Kathleen Crowley as Jeanne Mapes
  • Edward Platt as Mr. Tucker / Mr. T
  • John Lupton as Ray Miller
  • Don Sullivan as George Leland
  • Ned Glass as Sidney Horner
  • Collette Lyons as Rita Leland
  • Vikki Dougan as Karen, the waitress
  • I. Stanford Jolley as King Invader, beat poet
  • Barbara Drew as Mrs. Packard
  • Cecil Elliott as Train Gossip
  • Grace Field as Train Gossip
  • Gene Roth as Conductor, New York train
  • Robert Shayne as Lt. Cassidy
  • Gloria Moreland as Bali Dancer
  • Byron Foulger as Conductor, Chicago train

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