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The Outing (film)

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Budget  3.7 million USD
Writer  Warren Chaney
Language  English
5.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Country  United States
The Outing (film) movie poster
Director  Tom DaleyWarren Chaney (2nd Unit Director)
Release date  September 11, 1987 (1987-09-11)
Directors  Warren Chaney, Thomas Daley
Cast  Deborah Winters (Eve Ferrell / Young Arab Woman / Old Arab Woman), James Huston (Dr. Wallace), Andra St. Ivanyi (Alex Wallace), Scott Bankston (Ted Pinson), Red Mitchell (Mike Daley), André Chimène (Tony Greco)
Music director  Joel Rosenbaum, Bruce Miller
Similar movies  Bloody Moon, I Spit on Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine, A Serbian Film, Turkey Shoot, Act of Vengeance, SideFX
Tagline  They're not coming back.

The outing 1 1 genie released from the lamp 1987 hd

A long-imprisoned genie is released from an ornate brass lamp and wreaks havoc on unsuspecting museum visitors.


The Outing (film) movie scenes

The Outing is a 1987 horror film that is an edited and shortened version of the original motion picture, titled The Lamp. The picture was written and produced by Warren Chaney, directed by Tom Daley, and stars Deborah Winters and James Huston. The movie was filmed in Houston, Galveston, Texas and Los Angeles.

The Outing (film) movie scenes

The film as edited, concerns local teenagers who decide to spend the night in a museum. During this, an evil genie, or djinn, is released and possesses the body of the museum curators daughter and hunts down the teenagers, who have now split up for various reasons. Other people are caught up in the murderous escapades as well.

The movie has gained a substantial cult following over the years.

The Outing (film) movie scenes

An ancient genie is released from a lamp when thieves ransack an old woman's house. They are killed and the lamp is moved to a museum to be studied. The curator's daughter is soon possessed by the genie and invites her friends to spend the night at the museum, along with some uninvited guests. The genie kills them off in an attempt to fulfill her ultimate wish.


The Outing (film) movie scenes

A young Arab woman is sleeping on her house when her bracelet falls from her ankle. A security officer is running from an unseen assailant when it corners him and kills him. years later, a group of rednecks including Faylene, Harley and Max break into a house owned by an elderly woman of Arabic origins. They stumble upon a magic lamp. they killed the old Arab woman by stabbing her with an axe to death. Faylene and Max stole the old womans things while Harley was investigating the Lamp and he releases the genie. It possesses the dead body of the old woman, and while Harley looks at her she rises up and pulls Harley with the axe on her head killing him. Max was cut in to half on the pool when the genie pulls him down, Fayelene who failed to help Max, runs inside the house only to be strangled to death by the genie. Police investigators send the lamp to a museum along with an unusual bracelet found at the scene. The teenage daughter of the Museums curator - Alex, finds the bracelet, puts it on and is unable to remove it. Afterwards, the bracelet seems to exert a strange power over her.

The outing 1987 rant aka movie review

Alex and her high school history class take a field trip to the museum. Her teacher who dates the father after her mothers death, accompanies the group. Once at the museum, Alex stumbles across the lamp and inadvertently releases the genie. Under the influence of the creature, the girl convinces six of her close friends including Ted, Babs, Ross, Gwen and Terry, to slip away from the group and hide in the museum until closing time. Mike and Tony were following the group and waiting for them to be separated. Dr. Theo goes into the office, and the genie appears and kills him by levitating him into a spinning ceiling fan, which beheads him. Once the museum closes and night falls, Alexs friends return to the museum to spend the night there. the possessed Alex leads them down to the basement so they can sleep there, as Mike and Tony follows. now the plan was done, the genie releases into Alexs body and begins killing everyone inside the museum. As Bob the security guard checks the office, the body of Dr. Theo falls on him, as he panics, the spear tosses on him, impaling him on the glass cabinet.

The Outing (film) movie scenes The Outing aka The Lamp 1987 A corpse with a bite

The group then separated, Babs will took a shower while Ross escorts her, Gwen and Terry will go to a place for them to spend the night and Alex and Ted who stayed at the place. Mike and Tony barricade the door where Alex and Ted stayed. The genie then makes it way to the room where Ross was waiting, and kills him cutting him into half. Babs keeps taking a bath and calls Ross. The genie releases the jars full of venomous snakes, which bit the screaming Babs to death while taking a bath. Terry check the other couple and found them dead, while on panic a cobra makes its way into his pants which bit him. while alone, Gwen took the Thai dance costume, while dressing up, the door opens up and Mike and Tony who was wearing a scary costume tries to scare Gwen. The genie follows them and kills Tony by squeezing the iron mask on his head, follows by Mike where the mask horn he was wearing was tossed and impaled on his chest and a screaming Gwen was attacked by the genie. Alex and Ted hears Gwens screams and tries to open the barricaded door. Alex unlocks the other door where she sees the dead bodies of her friends. Alex and ted make their way to Jeffs office and found out him dead. Dr.Wallace and Eve make their way to the museum, unknown to what is happening, the door suddenly opens allowing them to come inside but it immediately closes. Alex and Ted stumbles on a mummy where it bit Teds hands and snaps his neck. Alex runs and found her dad and Eve on the hallway and suddenly the genie appears. they run down again to the basement where the genie follows. they barricaded themselves and closed all the doors for a shield, Dr.Wallace discovers in the museum curator which a translations of the earlier scientist has made which contains the words, "Destroy the lamp and destroy the Jinn!". they open a small opening and runs out of the museum, and they go into the woods where Alexs dad was killed and takes Eve. Alex makes her way again inside the museum and finds the lamp. she sets a fire and destroys the lamp there. After the genie was destroyed the bracelet falls by itself from her wrist. Eve then appears and was revealed to be alive, and comforts Alex. in the last scene, they make out of the museum but Alex has still predictions that the genie was not yet dead.


  • Deborah Winters as Eve Ferrell / Young Arab Woman / Old Arab Woman
  • James Huston as Dr. Wallace
  • Andra St. Ivanyi as Alex Wallace
  • Scott Bankston as Ted Pinson
  • Red Mitchell as Mike Daley (as Mark Mitchell)
  • Andre Chimene as Tony Greco
  • Charity Merrill as Babs
  • Barry Coffing as Ross
  • Tracye Walker as Gwen
  • Raan Lewis as Terry
  • Hank Amico as Harley
  • Brian Floores as Max
  • Michelle Watkins as Faylene
  • Danny D. Daniels as Dr. Theo Bressling
  • Roy Alan Wilson as Bob (guard)
  • Coy Sevier as Jeff (guard)
  • Christopher Wycliff as School principal
  • Blue Deckert as Det. Adams
  • Warren Chaney as Det. Charles
  • Beverly Wilson-Wilson as Beverly
  • Lesley Chaney as paper girl
  • Reviews

    The Outings early reviews were unfavorable. Richard Harrington of the Washington Post said it was "stupid and senseless, and the special effects look as if they were shot on a familys weekly shopping budget." The Boston Globe called it "a hokey loser". However, in recent years The Outing has received more favorable reviews as the original picture, The Lamp, was discovered by American movie goers.

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    The original, The Lamp had a long distribution period in Europe, Asia and other overseas markets. As of the first decade of the 21st Century, The Lamp remains in distribution. The edited and shorted version, The Outing, was distributed in the United States by The Movie Store (TMS). The USA Network played the movie on a regular basis for several years after its release to television.

    After the films fall 1987 theatrical run, the movie was released on videocassette in the United States in 1988 by International Video Entertainment and in Canada by Cineplex Odeon. A DVD has been released in the United Kingdom, under its original title "The Lamp". The pre-certification British VHS version, released as "The Lamp" by Braveworld & IVS Video UK features a three minute pre-titles sequence with back story trimmed from the North American home video release, but a rape scene in the film is cut by 14 seconds .

    On August 20, 2013, Shout! Factory, under license from MGM Home Entertainment, released the film for the first time on DVD in an All Night Horror Marathon Collection, with the films The Vagrant, The Godsend & Whats The Matter With Helen? On July 14, 2015, Scream Factory will release it on Blu-ray for the first time; it will be bundled with The Godsend as a double feature.


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