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The Old Maskinsnedkeri

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The Old Maskinsnedkeri

The old maskinsnedkeri top 9 facts

The Old Maskinsnedkeri Danish: Det Gamle Maskinsnedkeri) is an old industrial and historic building in Hadsund, Denmark. Maskinsnedkeri was built in 1920. The building is built of yellow brick and is the first sign of industry in Hadsund. It was one of the first companies in the city that had electric-powered machines. They were direct current machines.


The ground floor was the big machines, the top was the workshop with work benches and hand tools. The building is an example of contemporary technical innovations in relation to electricity. Since it was the city's first machine shop and was the fourth in the city to have a phone, which is seen on the gable, which is advertised for it. The gable is the most photographed gable, in Hadsund. The buildings are the last vidensbyrd about the industry that was located inside the city.

The building was located parallel and oriented north-south. It is strategically located by the railroad, so they lay near the railway station Hadsund North Station and the harbor. The Old Maskinsnedkeri and Hadsund Antique formed a wall facing the railroad, where the buildings together have created a course along the track.

The building tells a part of Hadsund's history and should under no circumstances be demolished.


In January 2013, it emerged that Mariagerfjord municipality wants to demolish the building along with Hadsund Antique and disused slaughterhouse Danish Crown AmbA which closed on 1 November 2012. The Old Maskinsnedkeri and Hadsund Antique will be replaced by a large parking lot with the possibility of a gas station.

Melanie Simick from Socialist People's Party, believes that the main building to be preserved and requires action of the City Council. Melanie admits, however, that the building was dilapidated, but thought anyway, that it is "incredibly beautiful" and part of "Hadsund soul".

Hadsund's citizens are unhappy that the building will be demolished.


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