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The Nonce

Also known as  Topology Crew
Years active  1992–1999
Active until  1999
Genres  Hip hop
Website  The Nonce Fan page
Genre  Hip hop music
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Associated acts  Project Blowed Aceyalone Supherb
Members  Nouka Basetype (Sach) Yusef Afloat
Origin  Los Angeles, California, United States (1992)
Albums  World Ultimate, The Sight of Things, Mix Tapes / Keep It On
Record labels  American Recordings, Warner Bros. Records
Similar  Edgar Allen Floe, Aceyalone, Dazzie Dee, Boom Bap Project, Grand Daddy IU

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The Nonce was a hip-hop duo from Los Angeles, California, that was active in the 1990s (releasing material from 1992 to 1999). As part of the Project Blowed collective, working with Aceyalone, among others, the duo developed a reputation for smooth, jazzy, classy production, complemented by laid-back, smart rhymes (paying homage to the Old School emcees they grew up listening to in the mid-1980s).

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Debut Single and World Ultimate

In 1992, the duo released its first single, “The Picnic Song.” The group fit in between spaces made by other luminaries such as the Pharcyde, Freestyle Fellowship, and A Tribe Called Quest, but it was to be nearly two more years (due to internal wrangling with the label) until the duo would release its biggest single to date, “Mixtapes,” in 1994.

In 1995 a full-length album, World Ultimate, was released on Rick Rubin's American Recordings label (via Wild West Records). In 2005, to commemorate the album's 10-year anniversary, a Japanese re-issue surfaced in limited quantities. There are also plans to re-issue the album on Vinyl in the future. As of 2008, no official re-issue has surfaced.

The Sight of Things and Previously Unreleased Material

After World Ultimate came an EP, The Sight Of Things in 1998. In 2005, previously unreleased material from the Nonce was issued in the form of two compilations: Advanced Regression and The Right State of Mind.

Sach Solo material

Nouka Basetype, now known as Sach, began to release solo material from 1998 with the cassette only album Seven Days To Engineer. He followed that up in 2002 with the Mary Joy released LP, Suckas Hate Me. 2005 saw the release of his 3rd solo album, Sach 5th Ave. Sach has also produced beats for numerous Los Angeles underground hip hop artists such as Global Phlowtations, Ganjah K, Medusa, Figures of Speech, Studious Steve, Freestyle Fellowship etc.

Death of Yusef

On May 21, 2000, Yusef "Afloat" Muhammad was found dead on the side of Freeway 110 in Los Angeles. He was 28 years old. The official cause of death, as well as the circumstances which led to his being found on the side of Freeway 110, remains unknown.


  • World Ultimate (1995)
  • World Ultimate (New Edition) (2005)
  • EPs

  • The Sight of Things (1998) Wild West Records/Fluid Recordings
  • Singles

  • The Picnic Song (1992) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • Mix Tapes (Promo) (1993) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • Mix Tapes / Keep it On (1994) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • Mix Tapes (The Remixes) (1994) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • From the Ground Up (1994) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • Bus Stops (Where the Honeys is At...) (1995) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • Live & Direct/ADR Most Requested (1997) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • Turnin' it Out (1999) Wild West/American Recordings/Warner Bros. Records
  • Haiku Busho Sach San/The Only (2006) Fluid Records
  • Compilations

  • Advanced Regression (2005)
  • The Right State of Mind (2005)
  • Advanced State of Regression (2006)
  • The Only Mixtape - Mixed By Bachir (2010)
  • Songs

    Bus StopsWorld Ultimate · 1995
    Mix TapesWorld Ultimate · 1995
    Who Falls Apart?The Sight of Things · 1998


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