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NOCTE is a band created in 2004 in Valladolid, Spain. They are usually classified in Gothic Rock or Dark Rock although their music does not only show those perspectives and their sound keeps influences of Hard Rock, Metal, Electronic Music, and even some kind of Pop.



NOCTE began in January, 2004 when sister and brother Rak (Valladolid, 1981) and Juan Diego (Tenerife, 1980) left a formerly band named Efemerides due to several disagreements with the rest of the members. Efemérides was a heavy metal Spanish band also formed by Alfonso Sanz, a London living guitar player who later collaborated again with NOCTE in several gigs as a second guitar player. Juan Diego contacted Dieddro (Valladolid, 1975), a keyboard player and producer who, although having been member of important local bands as Agnóstica or Sincrono, remained some years without joining a band at all, sunk full-time in his own personal projects, and later Alfredo Diez (Valladolid, 1986), a really young drum player who had played with Juan Diego in the travelling world of bands. Those first four members formed NOCTE and just two months later achieved playing live at the Scena club in what would be their first gig. Alter some months of very intense creation activity and never-ending practising, they got into the studio for recording their first LP “Noche Eterna” (Eternal Night) which meant a great surprise for various critics who started to publish really good reviews of the album and excellent features of their gigs, and also for the audience that since then got staunch admirers. “Noche Eterna” (Eternal Night) ´bass is recorded by Felipe II as an invited musician.

Deep sounds, convincing guitars, dense rhythm bases, keyboard arrangements and a dynamic voice close-up that opened different choices were the personal brand of these eight tracks: poetic, full of lyrism and metal aspects tracks. Subsequently, NOCTE contacted Rafa Cardeñosa (Valladolid, 1979), who been in a band with Juan Diego in the now defunct band Lorien and Rafa got involved for being the fifth member of the definitive formation.

A year and a half of practising, gigs and composition activity followed until October 2004, when their second album and the consolidation of NOCTE's sound “ALBA” came to light. It is he opening of the band to wider horizons, the melody prevailing to other composition aspects, a sharper and very personal guitar sound that Juan Diego places close-up enveloping an almost endemic melancholy. Pure Poetry and a remarkable improving of production make ALBA achieved to win again the hearts of the audience and critics. Fifteen tracks that meant the up-to-then band's summit through a personality that started to be settled down out of the deep tempos of the European doom or gothic of late 80s. Their own style, “a autumnal style” they have told of themselves, referring surely to the misty and unpleasant aspects of the passages and stories the tell, not only through the lyrics. They keep the darkness of their first album but Rak's voice is shown much more mature and far away from the female voices´ stereotypes of Gothic Scene. Outstanding the programming and keyboards´ contribution by Dieddro, more intense in this second album, that comes to confer a marked personality to the band, achieving even industrial soundings in Agobio's remake.

That new album got them to cover all along Spain in a tour that had its more intense moments at Barcelona's Mephisto Club sharing stage with the Finnish Entwine, at Factoría del Só in Palma de Mallorca, where they succeed as never before with a full of fervour audience, at the 20,000 people ELECTROSONIC FESTIVAL in Burgos (sharing dressing room with Jeff Mills or Vitalic…) and later at Madrid's Sala Silikona.

NOCTE were selected then by the Regional Government for the “CYL ROCK MUSIC FESTIVAL”. Now, NOCTE are involved full-time at the composition of their third album, a five traces EP that is to release at June 2008 and that will be introduced in the tour they are planning all along Spain and, as a novelty at London and maybe South America (where a lot of fans are requiring them). They are about to sign with a label and this new album is going to be a true surprise.k.


  • Rak - Voice
  • Juan Diego - Guitar
  • Rafa Cardeñosa - Bass
  • Alfredo Diez – Drums
  • Discography

  • Noche Eterna - 2004
  • Alba - 2006
  • Who lies behind? - 2008
  • Intemporal - 2010
  • References

    The Nocte Wikipedia

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