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The No Mercy Man

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Director  Daniel Vance
Music director  Don Vincent
Language  English
4.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Drama
Screenplay  Daniel Vance, Mike Nolin
Country  United States
The No Mercy Man movie poster
Release date  1973
Writer  Daniel Vance (screenplay), Mike Nolin (screenplay)
Cast  Steve Sandor (Olie Hand), Rockne Tarkington (Prophet), Richard X. Slattery (Mark Hand), Heidi Vaughn (Mary Hand), Sid Haig (Pill Box)
Similar movies  The Ravager, Final Mission, Search and Destroy, Captain Milkshake, Lock 'n' Load, Cobra Mission 2
Tagline  You Damn Well Won't Forget Him!

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The No Mercy Man The No Mercy Man 1973 IMDb

The No Mercy Man (also known as Bad Man, Trained to Kill, and Trained to Kill USA) is a 1973 action film with elements of a modern-day Western starring Steve Sandor, Rockne Tarkington, Sid Haig, Ron Thompson, Mike Lane, and Richard X. Slattery. The film was co-written (with Michael Nolin) and directed by Daniel Vance in his first and last feature film. The film was shot in Todd-AO by Dean Cundey in his first feature film with Buddy Joe Hooker arranging the stunt work and acting as second unit director. Master Jerry Druckerman acted as the film's martial arts technical advisor.

Film director Quentin Tarantino programmed The No Mercy Man as part of a March 2011 revenge film triple feature at the New Beverly Cinema, which Tarantino took over in March 2007.

The No Mercy Man Cool Ass Cinema Cult Film Faves Not On DVD The No Mercy Man 1973


The No Mercy Man Cool Ass Cinema Cult Film Faves Not On DVD The No Mercy Man 1973

Prophet and his friends are carnies and itinerant criminals in Arizona. After robbing a liquor store Prophet and a friend evade the local Sheriff and stop at the ranch of Mark Hand, a decorated war veteran. Feeling suspicious, Mark tells Prophet he can help himself to water at a pump behind the house but covers him with a rifle. Prophet's friend overpowers Mark from behind, ties him up and beats him prior to robbing Mark's house. Attracted by the mass amount of firearms in Mark's cabinet, they are distracted by Mark's daughter Mary who Prophet's friend attempts to rape. Mary wounds him with a knife and escapes in the desert coming across the car returning home driven by Mrs Hand and Mary's brother Olie who has returned from the Vietnam War with decorations and mental illnesses. Prophet and his friend make their escape with Mark puzzled that Olie doesn't want to hunt the criminals, preferring to let the sheriff handle the matter.

The No Mercy Man LURID SCREAMS of DEATH The Giallo Goblin Blog 2008 December

Though glad to be home, Olie grows more sullen and uncommunicative. Two of Olie's war buddies visit the Hand ranch and reveal that Olie was their legendary commander of a 6-man long-range reconnaissance patrol of United States Army Rangers, with one patrol taking them to Haiphong where they escaped in a Russian ship. Despite the supporting presence of his comrades in arms and loving family Olie grows more withdrawn and prone to flashbacks to the war where he nearly kills one of his friends when the two engage in good-natured sparring.

The No Mercy Man Trained To Kill USA 1973 aka The No Mercy Man

Meanwhile, Prophet and his friends plan more criminal acts where they steal a large recreational vehicle that they plan to sell across the border in Mexico, but the gang murders the family who own it. Some members of Prophet's gang stop off at a gas station where they abuse the attendant until they are beaten up by Olie and his army buddies. Enraged, the Prophet plans revenge and a big criminal score where they will attack the Hand ranch, steal Hand's mass arsenal, recruit a motorcycle gang led by Pillbox to distract the sheriff, and rob the town's bank where they will split the proceeds with Pillbox and make their escape to Mexico that lies across open rangeland adjoining the Hand ranch. Olie bids his army buddies farewell then further descends into a self-pitying alcoholic stupor.


  • Steve Sandor ... Olie Hand
  • Rockne Tarkington ... Prophet
  • Richard X. Slattery ... Mark Hand
  • Heidi Vaughn ... Mary Hand
  • Mike Lane ... Big Jack
  • Sid Haig ... Pillbox
  • Ron Thompson ... John Dunn
  • David Booth ... Beetle
  • Daniel Oaks ... Cpl. Lyle Talbot
  • Tom Scott ... Parrish
  • Michael Prichard ... Bruce Bennett
  • Peg Stewart ... Mrs. Hand
  • Richard Collier ... Joshua White
  • Darlene Feasel ... Dora Adams
  • Russell Morrell ... Sheriff Harris
  • Songs

    The No Mercy Man
    Written by Lois and Don Vincent
    Performed by Al Gambino & Glory

    Sunshine Lady
    Written and Performed by Chris Christian

    Fighting The Forgotten Feeling
    Written and Performed by Chris Christian

    Ballad of Olie Hand
    Written and Performed by Chris Christian

    Lonely Lonely Times
    Written by Lois and Don Vincent
    Performed by Al Gambino & Glory

    Reach Out
    Written by Lois and Don Vincent
    Performed by Al Gambino & Glory


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