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The New York NRT Distribution Program

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The New York NRT Distribution Program is a program that provides smokers with a way to help them quit their smoking habits. This article focuses on the aid of helping smokers fight their battle. Nicotine patch and Nicotine gum are distributed for free in the streets of NYC or on the internet. The program offers a "'quit coach'" as a person to converse with to help increase chances of quitting. NRT works as a program of an array of Smoking cessations and support material helping to beat the addiction. The slogan used is "'Don't be a heart attack waiting to happen'".


Nicotine addiction

Nicotine patches or gum may double the chances of quitting. It works by helping take away the nicotine withdrawal sensations. This program offers these Smoking cessations at no price to encourage people to quit smoking. To see if a person is eligible for a free starters kit, he/she must submit an application to kick off starting the end of smoking. "'The New York State Smokers' Quitline'" offers its program for everyone as a confidential counseling service along with counseling and cessation-related services to patients who use tobacco products. Once applied, the patient will receive a follow-up call. Patients will receive a Stop-Smoking or Stop-Smokeless-Tobacco packet in the mail with information fit for the specific person and a list of local programs. A form of information will be sent back to the health care provider or the patients tobacco-use status. The patient can be referred to the New York State Smokers' Quitline as often as they need to be referred. There is a 24/7 online quit coach chat room called "'Breathe'" for those who need aid at that very moment.


The quitline features employer champions who provide employee cessation benefits and support to others. The featured champion is Dr. James L. Schuppert of Corning. According to the Public Health Service, the "'Clinical Practice Guideline'" (CPG) is required for this program. 1. Cover at least four counseling sessions. 2. Cover "'nicotine replacement therapies'" (NRT). Clients are supposed to be eligible for this for up to 4–8 weeks to maintain their tobacco abstinence. 3. Provide counseling and NRT coverage for at least two smoking attempts per year. Telephone offerings are in English or Spanish. There is a listing of local stop smoking programs and referrals to local stop smoking programs. Dr. James L. Schuppert is the Director of the Health Services at Corning Corporate Medical Department. Is a work certified internist and has worked at Corning for over 16 years. Patricia Bax is the Marketing Coordinator for the New York State Smokers' Quitline. The company has great values and obviously a lot of care for the health and safety of the members and employees. He plays a role in making sure to keep this image. I's based on great leadership and strategic growth in getting the successful outcome they are looking for. Poor health was contributing to Corning's cost so it was not unusual that the company going into difficult economic times. The company has been able to add some components to the company. It is always better to repair something than to change it so the company found this program best to fit for people who are struggling to quit. Their hotline number is 1-866-NY-QUITS (1-866-697-8487). Their hours of operation for their hot-line is Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm and Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9am-5pm. If someone is a smokers and is identified by the assessment test they will be offered the proper help, this helps the people more than just a free patch or free nicotine gum, it offers ongoing help throughout the process.


This program offers a good support system to the people in this world that can't just say they have a smoking addiction. People understand the harms of a nicotine addiction but are not willing to take the steps to getting better on their own. They live in denial that an addiction lives within them and this program allows people the mental and tangible support to make the addiction a reality. It offers a hotline to talk about how the smoking has become out of hand and an assessment test to see how far the addiction has come. It helps review what did and did not work on previous attempts of quitting. It helps people get ready and do anything BUT smoke. Negative thinking can get in a persons way and block their sense of reality so they enforce you to stay positive. Although the phone call session is over and the nicotine patch or nicotine gum was sent, the program send an assessment to the persons primary physician to continue helping the patient overcome the battle. The program is a reliable way to help people get out of their addiction and slowly move on. The provide tools to help you quit because it is never too late.


When people with a history of depression stop smoking, there are depressive symptoms or actual depression that may result from this. This can end up being harmful for the patient. The patient may have been better or by slowly coming off the addiction and may not have been seen in the assessment. Another concern relates to the fact that people may become addicted to the NRT product and turn back to tobacco products to save money. The NRT program is a luxury. It has become a luxury to quit. And although this program allows a free starters kit, the whole point of quitting is the long term struggle and being able to face it. Typically, the cost of NRT lasting seven days is up to expensive over the counter, whether gum or patch, as against cigarettes.

Nicotine itself has not been shown to be cancerous, but it has been suggested that it may cause more harmful conditions for cancer to grow. There is also always a chance that when using NRT products it is easy to become addicted to those products in the place of the tobacco. Generally it is said and argued that NRT products are safer than smoking tobacco but, there are also a lot of important concerns for the safety of the children and infants when the mother uses any sort of NRT.


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