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The New Bob Cummings Show

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5.6/10 TV

Created by  Roland Kibbee
Also known as  ''The Bob Cummings Show''
Number of seasons  1
Program creator  Roland Kibbee
7.3/10 IMDb

Genre  Sitcom
Composer(s)  Stanley Wilson
Network  CBS
Number of episodes  22
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Written by  Jerry Adelman Roscoe J. Armbuster Jr Mel Diamond Lee Erwin Robert Fisher Austin Kalish Sheldon Keller Howard Leeds Alan Lipscott Milt Rosen Sheldon Stark
Directed by  Earl Bellamy John English Don Weis
Starring  Bob Cummings Roberta Shore Murvyn Vye
Cast  Robert Cummings, Roberta Shore, Murvyn Vye
Similar  The Bob Cummings Show, My Living Doll, Bob and Margaret, The Deputy, It Takes a Thief

The New Bob Cummings Show is an American situation comedy which was broadcast by CBS during the 1961-62 television season. The series was originally titled The Bob Cummings Show when it first appeared on the CBS schedule on October 5, 1961; however, this led to confusion between this program and series stars Bob Cummings' earlier 1955 series, also called The Bob Cummings Show; thus, the title The New Bob Cummings Show was officially adopted beginning with the December 28 episode.



The New Bob Cummings Show began two years after production had ended on Cummings' previous, successful sitcom The Bob Cummings Show, which, when the newer program began its run, was still being rerun on ABC's daytime schedule under the title Love That Bob, which it was to retain through many years in syndication. The new program, like its predecessor, took advantage of Cummings' real-life interests; once again, the character he played, Bob Carson, was a pilot. Carson owned two planes, a conventional, twin-engine plane which he used for long trips, and the Aerocar, which, as its name implied, was a vehicle which could be alternately flown or, with its wing detached, driven on highways as an automobile, which he used for short hops near his California base.

In addition to his activities as a charter pilot, Carson was an amateur detective, a fact which provided the basis for the plots of most of the episodes. In contrast to Cummings earlier program, which had several co-stars, the only recurring roles in The New Bob Cummings Show other than Cummings' own were that of "Lionel", Carson's bodyguard, played by Murvyn Vye, and "Hank", the tomboyish-yet-precocious teenage daughter of the owner of the airstrip where Carson's planes were based, played by Roberta Shore.


Unlike Cummings' previous sitcom, The New Bob Cummings Show was not particularly successful and was cancelled before the season was over, with the last episode being aired on March 1, 1962.


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