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The Movement Snowboards

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The Movement was a snowboarding company in the Mervin Manufacturing family, existing only from 1995 to 1999. It was a Matt Donahue project. The company was arguably the most independent and art-oriented of the Mervin family, not having any notable professional riders on its team, with its catalogs featuring more art and photography of the world than information pertaining to snowboarding or the company's products.

The Movement had a few different slogans:

  • Remember the Reasons for Love
  • This Is, After All, a Record of What's Happened
  • Things that Bring Us Together
  • Today

    There is no information on the Internet relating to The Movement Snowboards. Today, The Movement has been all but forgotten by the majority of snowboarders, most riders too young to have come into contact with it. The only real remnant of the company is the Ronnie Rico music CD which was released in conjunction of the company's 1997 catalog. The disc still circulates through the most underground scenes in snowboarding, creating a nostalgic image of what The Movement was through its empty space and bad production quality.

    The Catalog/Music can be found at


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