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The Million Eyes of Sumuru

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Director  Lindsay Shonteff
Sequel  The Girl from Rio
Country  United Kingdom
2.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Adventure, Comedy
Producer  Harry Alan Towers
Language  English
The Million Eyes of Sumuru movie poster
Writer  Kevin Kavanagh, Sax Rohmer, Harry Alan Towers
Release date  17 May 1967 (1967-05-17) (US) 3 December 1967 (1967-12-03) (UK)
Cast  George Nader (Agent Nick West), Shirley Eaton (Sumuru), Maria Rohm (Helga Martin), Klaus Kinski (President Boong), Frankie Avalon (Agent Tommy Carter), Wilfrid Hyde-White (Sir Anthony Baisbrook)
Similar movies  The Million Eyes of Sumuru and The Girl from Rio are part of the same movie series
Tagline  She rules a palace of pleasure

The Million Eyes of Sumuru is a 1967 British spy film produced by Harry Alan Towers, directed by Lindsay Shonteff and filmed at the Shaw Brothers studios in Hong Kong. It stars Frankie Avalon and George Nader, with Shirley Eaton as the title character Sumuru. It was based on a series of novels by Sax Rohmer about a megalomaniac femme fatale. The film was released in the USA by American International Pictures on 17 May 1967. In the UK it was released through Warner-Pathé on 3 December, titled simply Sumuru. Shirley Eaton reprised her role as Sumuru in Jess Franco's The Girl from Rio (1970).


The Million Eyes of Sumuru movie scenes

The million eyes of sumuru 1967 aka

Plot summary

The Million Eyes of Sumuru movie scenes

Sumuru is a beautiful but evil woman who plans world domination by having her sexy all-female army eliminate male leaders and replace them with her female agents.


The Million Eyes of Sumuru movie scenes
  • Frankie Avalon as Agent Tommy Carter
  • George Nader as Agent Nick West
  • Shirley Eaton as Sumuru
  • Wilfrid Hyde-White as Colonel Sir Anthony Baisbrook
  • Klaus Kinski as President Boong
  • Patti Chandler as Louise
  • Salli Sachse as Mikki
  • Ursula Rank as Erno
  • Krista Nell as Zoe
  • Maria Rohm as Helga Martin
  • Paul Chang Chungas Inspector Koo
  • Essie Huang as Kitty
  • Jon Fong as Colonel Medika
  • Denise Davreux as Sumuru Guard
  • Mary Cheng as Sumuru Guard
  • Jill Hamilton as Sumuru Guard
  • Lisa Gray as Sumuru Guard
  • Christine Lok as Sumuru Guard
  • Margaret Cheung as Sumuru Guard
  • Louise Lee as Sumuru Guard
  • The Million Eyes of Sumuru movie scenes

    The Million Eyes of Sumuru inspired riot grrrl musician Lois Maffeo to adopt Bikini Kill as a band name. She and her friend Margaret Doherty used the name for a one-off performance where they donned faux fur punk cave girl costumes. Tobi Vail liked the name and appropriated it for the iconic punk group after Maffeo settled on the band name Cradle Robbers.

    This film was featured in the KTMA season of Mystery Science Theater 3000.


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