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The Micronotz

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Genres  Punk rock
Record label  Fresh Sounds Records
Genre  Punk rock
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Years active  1980-1986, 1995-present
Labels  Fresh Sounds, Homestead
Associated acts  Cryin' Out Loud, Peddlejets
Past members  Dean Lubensky David Dale
Origin  Lawrence, Kansas, United States (1980)
Members  Jay Hauptli; John Harper; Steve Eddy; Matt Kesler
Albums  The Beast That Devoured Itself, The Mortal Micronotz
Similar  The Embarrassment, Get Smart!, The Crucifucks, Toxic Reasons, Marginal Man

The Micronotz, also known as the Mortal Micronotz, were an American punk rock/alternative rock quartet formed in 1980 in Lawrence, Kansas, that, along with bands like The Embarrassment and Get Smart!, were prominent on the local music scene in Lawrence in the early 80s.



The band formed in 1980 when all the members were still teenagers. The Embarrassment were looking for an opening band for a show they had booked on December 12, 1980 at the "Off The Wall Hall" (now known as "The Bottleneck"). The Embarrassment knew John Harper and knew that we was putting a band together, so they asked him if his band could open the show, but the band hadn't actually formed yet. At this point, the band just consisted of John Harper on guitar and David Dale on bass, so a drummer and singer needed to be recruited. Dean Lubensky and Graham Reece were recruited as vocalist and drummer. Dean was a good fit and became the permanent singer, and Steve Eddy replaced Reece as the drummer.

The band soon came to the attention of local music promoter, Bill Rich, who wrote about them for his "Talk Talk" magazine and then signed them to his Fresh Sounds record label. Their first release for Fresh Sounds was the 4-band split cassette Fresh Sounds From Middle America (vol 1) in December 1981, just one year after the band formed. The "Fresh Sounds" compilation series was organized by Bill Rich as a way to promote regional bands nationally.

When the band discovered that Bill Rich was an acquaintance of William S. Burroughs they asked for an introduction and Burroughs would end up giving them some lyrics for a song ("Old Lady Sloan" from the Mortal Micronotz album).

Lead singer, Dean Lubensky, left the band sometime after the 1984 Live Recording of the Video Soundtrack EP. He was replaced by Jay Hauptli, who would remain the band's vocalist throughout the rest of their career and subsequent reunions.

After releasing three albums and two EPs, the band broke up in 1986. Bassist David Dale committed suicide on Sunday, January 31, 1993. The surviving band members reunited for a memorial show which was held at the Outhouse on February 6, 1993.

Renewed interest in the band lead Fresh Sounds to release two Micronotz compilations, called Complete Recordings Volume I and II where the first volume covered the Dean Lubensky recordings and the second covered the Jay Hauptli recordings. A tribute album was also put together featuring William S. Burroughs and various other artists. The band still does the occasional reunion show, with Matt Kesler, formerly of the Pedaljets, playing bass.

The Outhouse

The Outhouse was a popular venue in Lawrence for punk shows and not only did the Micronotz perform there, but they also helped get the venue into shape ready to have concerts. In 1984, the band built the stage, painted the walls and cleared the brush outside.


  • "these guys have your standard '70s Ameri-punk moves down cold — sort of a sub-Dead Boys, but tighter" (Jack Partain, Trouser Press)
  • "Fueled by blazing electricity, right-angle tempo changes, chop-socky guitar riffs, and a vocalist who gargles glass and the leading shoe polish remover, the Micronotz go the distance to buy a metal sandwich at the 'Psychodeli'" (Judge I-Rankin, Spin,1987)
  • "Midwest teenage snot- rock at the outset, the trebly, tin-can production on early records actually worked to the bands ragged charm. The spanking riffs and barbed hooks served as a perfect backdrop for original singer Dean Lubensky's caterwaul, sounding to all the world like Janis Joplin's horny, pubescent, punked out suburban little brother." (Oliver Hunt, SuperStarcastic.com, 2006)
  • "Lawrence underground faves The Mortal Micronotz also took the stage for a handful of songs after a two-decade hiatus. This delighted a crowd disproportionately filled with musicians that included such notables as Freedy Johnston, Grant Hart and Kliph Scurlock of The Flaming Lips." (Jon Niccum, Lawrence Journal-World, 2006)
  • 1981-1984

  • Dean Lubensky - vocals
  • John Harper - guitar
  • David Dale - bass
  • Steve Eddy - drums
  • 1985-1986

  • Jay Hauptli - vocals
  • John Harper - guitar
  • David Dale - bass
  • Steve Eddy - drums
  • 2006-present

  • Jay Hauptli - vocals
  • John Harper - guitar
  • Matt Kessler - bass
  • Steve Eddy - drums
  • Songs

    Old Lady SloanMortal Micronotz · 1982
    Song 16Mortal Micronotz · 1982
    Don't Pull Me UnderMortal Micronotz · 1982


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