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The Master of Revenge

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Written by  Chae Seung-dae
Country of origin  South Korea
No. of episodes  20
Genre  Revenge
Number of episodes  20
Directed by  Kim Jong-yeon
Original language(s)  Korean
First episode date  27 April 2016
Network  KBS2
Production location  South Korea
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Based on  God of Noodles by Park In-kwon (ko)
Starring  Chun Jung-myung; Jo Jae-hyun; Jeong Yoo-mi; Lee Sang-yeob; Gong Seung-yeon
Similar  Lucky Romance, Goodbye Mr Black, Entertainer, Mirror of the Witch, Beautiful Gong Shim

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The Master of Revenge (Hangul: 마스터-국수의 신; RR: Maseuteo-Guksu-ui Sin; lit. Master – God of Noodles) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Chun Jung-myung, Jo Jae-hyun, Jeong Yoo-mi, Lee Sang-yeob and Gong Seung-yeon. It aired on KBS2 from April 27, 2016 to June 30, 2016 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.


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A man whose name and life were taken from him seeks revenge. To do so, he must attempt to become a master noodle cook, or a god of noodles.

Main characters

  • Chun Jung-myung as Moo Myung-yi / Choi Soon-seok
  • Go Woo-rim as child Moo Myung-yi
  • Jo Jae-hyun as Kim Gil-do
  • Park Chan as child Kim Gil-do
  • Baro as teen Kim Gil-do
  • Jeong Yoo-mi as Chae Yeo-kyung
  • Choi Ji-won as child Chae Yeo-kyung
  • Lee Sang-yeob as Park Tae-ha
  • Lee Geon-ha as child Park Tae-ha
  • Gong Seung-yeon as Kim Da-hae
  • Lee Go-eun as child Kim Da-hae
  • Goongrakwon

  • Kim Min-sang as Min Seon-ho (Head of Noodles)
  • Cha Do-jin as Lee Gi-baek (2nd Head of Noodles)
  • Kim Min-ho as Kim Jin-hak
  • Choi Dae-seong as Na Won-sang (Head of Meats)
  • Nam Moon-cheol as Park Moon-bok (Head of Broth)
  • Son San as Kim Jin-nyeo (Head of Banchan)
  • Im Do-yoon as Hong Cheo-nyeo (2nd Head of Banchan)
  • Yeo Moo-young as Ha Tae-bong (Restaurant Manager)
  • Extended cast

    The Master of Revenge Interview with Actor of The Master of Revenge Entertainment Weekly
  • Kim Jae-young as Go Gil-yong
  • Ahn Won-jin as child Go Gil-yong
  • Choi Jong-won as Go Dae-cheon
  • Lee Il-hwa as Go Gang-sook
  • Seo Yi-sook as Seol Mi-ja
  • Jo Hee-bong as Dokku Jin
  • Kim Byung-ki as So Tae-seob
  • Um Hyo-sup as Senator Choi
  • Son Yeo-eun as Do Hyun-jeong
  • Kim Joo-wan as Hwang Sung-rok (Kim Gil-do's assistant)
  • Jo Deok-hyun as Ha Jeong-tae
  • Noh Young-hak as teen Ha Jeong-tae
  • Oh Yoon-hong as Choi Ok-shim (Choi Soon-seok's mother)
  • Oh Yong as Lee Myung-shik (orphanage director)
  • Park Ji-hwan as Doo-chul
  • Chae Min-hee as Chae Yeo-kyung's teacher and friend
  • Cha Jung-won as Kim Da-hae's friend
  • Lee Jin-mok
  • Seo Jin-won
  • Ji Seong-geun
  • Ham Jin-seong
  • Yook Dong-il
  • Im Hyung-taek
  • Yoo Geum
  • Kim Hyun
  • Kang Chul-sung
  • Lee Gyu-ho
  • Choi Hyo-sang
  • Yang Seung-geol
  • Lee Jung-sung
  • Shin Chi-young
  • Kim Jae-geon
  • Joo Hyo-man
  • Jin Yong-wook
  • Kim Choo-wol
  • Lee Gyu-seop
  • Park Young-soo
  • Kwon Hong-seok
  • Dan Kang-ho
  • Lee Jong-goo
  • Kwon Oh-soo
  • Lee Young-jin as Kim Kyung-jang
  • Choi Byung-mo as Ahn Joong-yong
  • Han Sung-sik
  • Heo Seon-haeng
  • Jin Yong-wook
  • Oh Hwa-yeol
  • Choi Yong-jin
  • Cameo appearances

  • Ryu Hyun-kyung as Kim Seon-joo (Kim Da-hae's mother)
  • Ratings

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    In the table below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.


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