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The Mark of the Demons

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Language  English
Media type  Print (Paperback)
Followed by  When the Idols Walked
Genre  Fantasy
Preceded by  Witch of the Four Winds
Series  Brak series
Pages  159 pp
Author  John Jakes
Country  United States of America
OCLC  4027041
Published  1969 (Hachette Book Group)
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The Mark of the Demons is a fantasy novel by John Jakes featuring his sword and sorcery hero Brak the Barbarian.


Publication history

The novel was first published under the title Brak the Barbarian Versus the Mark of the Demons in paperback by Paperback Library in September 1969. It was reprinted by Pocket Books in September 1977, and by Tower Books (under the shortened title Brak Vs. The Mark of the Demons) in 1981. British editions were issued under the author's preferred title The Mark of the Demons by Tandem in 1970 (reprinted in 1976) and Star/W. H. Allen in March 1988. The book was also issued under this title in audio-cassette by Sunset Productions in 1994. It was later gathered together with Brak the Barbarian and two stories from The Fortunes of Brak into the omnibus collection Brak the Barbarian / Mark of the Demons, published as an ebook by Open Road Integrated Media in July 2012. The novel has been translated into German


Continuing his quest to reach the glorious southern realm of Khurdisan the Golden, Brak, a blond, braided and broadsword-wielding barbarian from the frozen north, crosses the desolate desert of Logol. By chance he meets a duo of royal twins whose throne has been usurped, and seek a champion to restore them. But their motives are dubious, their word untrustworthy, and behind all lurks the menace of the corrupt and evil cult of the demon god Yob-Haggoth, whose followers bear unrelenting hatred towards Brak.


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