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The Mandogs was a Melbourne radio show operating on Radio Monash, with a large panel of hosts. It aired on Wednesdays at 2pm and ran from 2007 to late 2012. The show covered a broad range of topics from the mundane to news and current affairs. The show was renowned for its high quality, ever-changing musical intro, which included sound-bites from movies and television from the 2000s (decade).



Ando is the longest standing member of The Mandogs, and has been a host since the show began in 2007. Ando's style frequently poses hypothetical situations, usually regarding a moral dilemma, to cohosts and guests.


Billiam joined The Mandogs in 2008, he has a pun-related style of comedy and regularly makes jokes regarding the Spanish, Chinese and English languages. Billiam often makes passing or in-depth references to video games and other aspects of geek culture.


Dexter, also joined The Mandogs in 2008. Originally Dexter was employed as the show's technical producer, but since then he has gradually become equally as vocal as the other hosts. Fans of the show often comment about the soothing nature of Dexter's voice.

Agent Orange

Agent Orange was a host during the first years of The Mandogs being on air. In 2009 he left the show but has since returned in August 2011.

The Recruit

The most recent addition to the show, recruited in 2012. The Recruit adds a certain "life" to the show, especially in his quoting of the text line number and his injection of scientific "facts."


Jay-Jay strolled into the studio and instantly commanded the attention of the mandogs; with his suave combination of mustache and turtle neck sweater the other hosts immediately decided that Jay-Jay was needed to add a certain "class" to the show.

2010 Reformatting

Prior to 2010, the Mandogs consisted largely of planned or pre-recorded content, including radio serial The Hunt for Building 66. In the first show of 2010 the Mandogs announced a format change away from highly planned, pre-recorded content to a more relaxed and casual style. The Mandogs have suggested multiple reasons for this, including demands by Radio Monash administration for a more approachable style, or because the hosts were "spending multiple hours of preparation for 5 minutes of content". Whereas previously The Mandogs' shows would be fast paced with multiple breaks, the shows are now more relaxed, based around comedic observations and general banter.

On May 24, 2010, Dexter attempted to beat the world record for most Ferrero Rocher chocolates eaten in one minute live on air. Although he was not successful The Mandogs suggested that there may be other record attempts in later shows.

Regular Guests

Since the formatting The Mandogs have had at least one guest host per episode. Regular guests include:

Dr. Yik

Dr. Yik has appeared on various Mandogs episodes throughout its history. It has never been made certain what field Dr. Yik is an expert in, and is frequently suggested that he is not a doctor at all. Dr. Yik is generally asked for his "expert opinion" on various topics, and his replies often contain a level of sarcasm.

Ash "The Lion Man" Lyons

Another long-time guest on the show, Ash is often criticised by the other hosts for his irrational or badly considered ideas. Listeners are frequently reminded not to take his advice and that "in a zombie outbreak Ash would be screwed", a reference to an episode in which Ash advised listeners to roam the desert in a hypothetical 'zombie' scenario.

Mintberry Jess

Mintberry Jess first appeared following the show being reformatted. This may have been by request of the station management to include more female influence on the show. Jess often provides a contrast to the other panelists' typically nerdy style of humour.

Dr. Law

Dr. Law first joined the show in May 2012, after the team contacted him for legal advice; the panel decided the best course of action was for him to join them on air to prevent them getting in too much trouble.


Dunco injected his wholesome humour and down to earth goodness into the mandogs panel in late April 2012; he is, reportedly, the sort of person you would love to have a beer with (in moderation)


Chook, similarly to Dunco, joined the mandogs team in late April 2012. Chook was added to the panel after the hosts decided a rugged and manly host was needed to attract more female listeners.

Evan Handed

Evan Handed first appeared on the show in late September, 2012. He attempts to create political satire and resembles Simon Pegg.


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