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The Man Whose Mind Exploded (film)

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Director  Toby Amies
Music director  Adam Peters
8/10 IMDb

Genre  Documentary, Biography, Romance
Running time  1h 17m
Language  English
The Man Whose Mind Exploded (film) movie poster
Release date  2012 (2012)
Cast  Toby Amies, Sue Thornton, Shelly Gregory, Mim King, Marc Gregory, Tony Banwell, Ra Gregory
Producers  Toby Amies, Kat Mansoor, Rob Alexander
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An old man and a young man fall in love, as the older one nears the end of his life.

The Man Whose Mind Exploded (film) movie scenes  from man to wolf even in this era of ubiquitous CGI It s the artisan s homemade touch that distinguishes the scene and the film as well NR

The Man Whose Mind Exploded is a 2012 documentary film directed by Toby Amies. The film depicts the strange, complicated, and hilarious relationship between Toby and Brighton eccentric, Drako Oho Zarharzar. It was first premiered at the Sheffield Doc/Fest and was also shown at the Cork Film Festival, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Cambridge Film Festival, Brightons Cinecity Festival, and was an official selection at the East End Film Festival.

The Man Whose Mind Exploded started life as a BBC Radio 4 programme described by Miranda Sawyer in The Observer as the best documentary of 2008. The reception to which was so positive that the director was encouraged to turn it into a film. The film was produced by Rob Alexander, Kat Mansoor, and Toby Amies. Executive producers were Daisy Asquith and Dunstan Bruce while the editing was done by Jim Scott.

In this "beautifully intimate and utterly unique piece of cinema", Toby Amies crosses the line between filmmaker and carer, trying to cope with the strange and hilarious world view of the fragile eccentric, Drako Zarharzar. A love story.


Drako Oho Zarharzar can remember modeling for Salvador Dali and hanging out with The Stones. But he cant remember yesterday. Following a severe head injury Drako has serious brain damage and terrible memory loss. He can access memories from before his accident, but cant imprint new ones. As he puts it, "the recording machine in my head doesnt work". As an antidote to depression he chose to live "completely in the now" according to the bizarre mottoes delivered to him whilst in his second coma. Living in a tiny flat completely filled with a collage of memories, reminders and erotic art Drakos house acts as a metaphor for his extraordinary mind.

Filmed over four years the director starts off making a film exploring Drakos lurid and exotic back story including work with Dali, [the Factory], Les Folies Bergere, and Derek Jarman. But he is forced to stay in Drakos never ending now and soon a line is crossed, and the documentary maker becomes carer.


The film was composed by Adam Peters who made his debut as a solo movie score composer on Savages (2012) directed by Oliver Stone.


The Man Whose Mind Exploded gained 4 star reviews from The Times, The Guardian, Time Out (magazine) and The Independent in the UK.


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