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The Magic Touch (film)

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Director  Michael Hui
Story by  Michael Hui
Country  Hong Kong
6.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Crime
Music director  Tats Lau
Cinematography  Herman Yau
Language  Cantonese
The Magic Touch (film) movie poster
Release date  24 January 1992 (1992-01-24)
Writer  Michael Hui, Chi Wah Wong
Cast  Michael Hui (Hui Wai Tak), Leon Lai Ming (Yau Ho Kay), Ricky Hui (Ah Fat), Winnie Lau Siu-Wai (Yue Lan), Sunny Fang Kang (Hung Sam), Chan Hiu-Ying (May)
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The Magic Touch is a 1992 Hong Kong comedy film written, produced and directed by Michael Hui, and stars Hui himself alongside Leon Lai.


The Magic Touch (film) movie scenes Aladdin 1992 Disney film movie scenes disney animated films aladdin Disney s Aladdin Image

Michael Hui plays a fortuneteller who indeed knows nothing about fortune telling, in other words, who makes a living on cheating. Leon Lai stars as an investigator from the Inland Revenue Department to check against Hui's tax evasion. But this pseudo- fortuneteller acquires the supernatural ability to predict future events all of a sudden, and to our surprise he even collaborates with the tax investigator who is supposed to be his enemy! In an unpredictable story about the prediction of future happenings, Micheal Hui, Leon Lai, and Dayo Wong unfold a lot of surprises to amuse the audience from start to finish!


The Magic Touch (film) movie scenes My favorite scene in this movie is probably the scene where they sing A Whole New World or when Aladdin sings his first song One Jump Ahead

Hui Wai Kuk (Michael Hui) tells peoples fortunes by feeling their bones. In reality, he is a scam who is able to read minds of others because he has gathered information about them in advance; he is able to make a lot of money. The wife of Commissioner David Ho (Philip Chan) of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is suspicious that her husband is cheating on her. Hui tells Mrs. Ho the name of the mistress. She then scolds Ho in his office.

The Magic Touch (film) movie scenes  Singles Scene Remembering the Famous Cameos in Cameron Crowe s 1992 Grunge Comedy

Ho sends junior assessor Yau Ho Kei (Leon Lai) to investigate Huis income. Yau does not work seriously, but he wants to stand out. During the investigation, Hui substains a brain injury causing his coma. After he wakes up, he discovers that he has gained super abilities, being able to feel peoples bones and see their future.

At this time, the IRD is investigating buisnessman Hung Sam (Sunny Fang) for tax evasion, but the case is progressing slowly. Yau arranges for Hui to get close to Hui for a chance "touch" to find out where Hungs accounting book is hidden.

At first, Hung thought Hui and Yau were gay and avoided them at all costs. But after discovering that Hui is a fortune teller, he hires the two, greatly trusts them, and reveals to them about his drug business. Yau then reports information about Hungs drug business to Comissioner Ho. The case is cracked, Yau is then promoted to investigation superintendent and Hui, having assisted in the case, does not have to pay the tax that he owed for many years.


  • Michael Hui as Hui Wai Kuk
  • Leon Lai as Yau Ho Kei
  • Ricky Hui as Fat
  • Winnie Lau as Yeuk Lan
  • Sunny Fang as Hung Sam
  • Chan Hiu Ying as May
  • Dayo Wong as William
  • Michael Dinga as Senior Tax Inspector Lam
  • Philip Chan as David Ho
  • Carrie Ng as Inspector Fong Fong Fong
  • Yonfan as Man in red at race course VIP
  • Jamie Luk as One of Hungs thugs
  • Wan Fat as One of Hungs thugs
  • Wong Kwong Fai as One of Hungs thugs
  • Lau Siu Cheung as Large Nurse
  • Wong Man Shing as Rapist
  • Lui Tat as Hospital patient
  • Tin Kai-man as Hospital patient
  • Teddy Chan as Bartender
  • Eddie Chan as Mr. Cheung
  • Zevia Tong as Mrs. Cheung
  • Chan Choi Lin as Mrs. David Ho
  • David Lai
  • Sing Yan as Shapi Dog
  • Hui Fan as Keis mom
  • Chan Wing Chiu as Tax inspector
  • Cheng Chong as Rape victim
  • Wong Man Kit
  • Jacky Cheung
  • Lee Tung Yue
  • Yu Ngai Ho as Balding gangster
  • Lam Ying Kit
  • Cheung Kam Chuen
  • Leung Kei Hei as Bettor at race VIP lounge
  • Jameson Lam as Bettor at race VIP lounge
  • Hui Si Man as Bettor at race VIP lounge
  • Jim James as Bar customer
  • Ho Chi Moon as Bar customer
  • Hau Woon Ling as Sixth Grammy
  • John Cheung as John
  • Peter So as DJ
  • Ernest Mauser as Priest at clinic
  • Fei Pak as Policeman
  • Theme song

  • Two Hearts Know (???)
  • Composer: R. Aska
  • Lyricist: Jolan Heung
  • Singer: Leon Lai
  • Critical

    Andrew Saroch of Far East Films rated the film 4 out of 5 stars and wrote "The Magic Touch features a constantly watchable narrative and a number of hilarious scenes; foremost among these is Huis attempts to feel the villains knuckles in a number of different and highly amusing situations."

    Box office

    The film grossed HK$36,399,307 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical frun from 24 January to 19 February 1992 in Hong Kong. It remains as Michael Huis highest grossing film in his career.


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