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The Madness of King Scar

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The Madness of King Scar is a song sung by Scar in the 1997 musical The Lion King.



The song is one of the few numbers written especially for the 1997 musical. In the 1994 Disney film, Scar's song Be Prepared was supposed to be reprised at this point in the plot, but the scene was cut as it was considered too dark. This is a more comedic version of the scenario.


The song is sung after Scar has assumed power over the Pride Lands.

Critical reception

JimHillMedia described it as "Scar's big second act number". St. Paul Pioneer Press said it was "a dull number". TheatreJones.com noted "“Chow Down”...is horridly out of place as it unsuccessfully attempts to combine rock guitar with African drum. Their other song, “The Madness of King Scar,” doesn’t fare much better".


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