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The Light Shines Only There

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Director  Mipo O
Story by  Yasushi Sato
Country  Japan
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama
Music director  Takuto Tanaka
Language  Japanese
The Light Shines Only There movie poster
Writer  Yasushi Sato, Ryo Takada
Release date  19 April 2014 (2014-04-19)
Cast  Go Ayano (Tatsuo Sato), Chizuru Ikewaki, Masaki Suda, Hiroko Isayama, Kazuya Takahashi, Shôhei Hino
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The Light Shines Only There (そこのみにて光輝く, Soko nomi nite hikari kagayaku) is a 2014 Japanese drama film directed by Mipo O. It was selected as the Japanese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.


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  • Go Ayano as Tatsuo Sato
  • Chizuru Ikewaki as Chinatsu Ohshiro
  • Masaki Suda as Takuji Ohshiro
  • Kazuya Takahashi as Nakajima
  • Shohei Hino as Matsumoto
  • Hiroko Isayama as Kazuko Ohshiro
  • Taijiro Tamura as Taiji Ohshiro
  • Plot

    The Light Shines Only There The Light Shines Only There AsianWiki

    In a Japanese port town, Tatsuo Sato (Go Ayano), a traumatized man, spends his days drifting aimlessly and his nights drinking himself to oblivion. Whiling his hours away at a pachinko parlor, he meets Takuji Ohshiro (Masaki Suda), a young man on parole who impulsively invites him to a shabby house on the outskirts of town. There, Tatsuo glimpses Takuji’s bedridden father and callous mother, and meets his world-weary older sister Chinatsu Ohshiro (Chizuru Ikewaki). While immediately drawn to each other, romance is an unaffordable luxury for the emotionally closed-off Tatsuo and the disillusioned Chinatsu, who sells herself to provide for her family and keep her brother out of jail. As Tatsuo and Chinatsu take tentative steps towards a relationship, the happy-go-lucky Takuji latches onto Tatsuo, binding their fates. Each step they take to build a better life sets off a chain of actions that have devastating consequences.


    The Light Shines Only There Photo du film The Light Shines Only There Photo 7 sur 11 AlloCin
  • Montreal World Film Festival: Best Director (Mipo O)
  • Raindance Film Festival: Best International Feature
  • Tama Cinema Forum: Best Actress (Chizuru Ikewaki) Best New Actor (Masaki Suda)
  • Kinema Junpo #1 film of 2015
  • Reception

    The Light Shines Only There The Light Shines Only There AsianWiki

    The Hollywood Reporter was extremely positive about the film, singling out the director, lead actors, screenplay, and cinematography for praise and noting, "talented director Mipo Oh plunges into a fierce character study of three young people on the way down". In her roundup of films nominated for Best International Feature at the UK's Raindance Film Festival, Becca Spackman of Critics Associated wrote, "An exploration into humanity and dependent tendencies, streaked with heartbreak and loss, this beautiful entry from Japan will definitely strike a chord with both audiences and critics alike." (The film later won the award.)

    The Light Shines Only There The Light Shines Only There Raindance Film Festival

    The film received positive responses from Japan's English-language newspapers. In his first review, Mark Schilling of The Japan Times singled out Chizuru Ikewaki's performance, noting, "As Chinatsu, Ikewaki’s performance is at once complex and transparent, drilling down into the essence of her character’s longing and self-loathing, her capacity for love and her longing for oblivion." In a second review for The Japan Times, Schilling wrote, "this romantic drama has deservedly been named as Japan’s nominee for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film." Meanwhile, Don Brown of The Asahi Shimbun wrote of director Mipo O, "With her third and latest feature, The Light Shines Only There, she has earned her spot as one of Japan’s most promising directing talents."

    The Light Shines Only There Review Soko nomi nite Hikari KagayakuThe
    The Light Shines Only There The Light Shines Only There Soko Nomi Nite Hikari Kagayaku blog


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