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The Lebanon I Dream Of

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Directed by  Pierre Dawalibi
Running time  45 minutes
Initial release  2009
8.4/10 IMDb

Release date  2009 (2009)
Country  Lebanon
Director  Pierre Dawalibi
Language  Arabic with English subtitles
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The lebanon i dream of part1 6 translated

The Lebanon I Dream Of (Arabic: لبنان اللي بحلم فيه‎‎ "Lbnan yali bihlam fih") is a 2009 film documentary produced and directed by Lebanese director Pierre Dawalibi. The film was published online for people to download and watch for free, the main purpose behind it was to spread awareness for Lebanese and send them a wake up call to start making the right decisions. The 45-minute film was posted on YouTube on October 2011 and got over 270,000 Views.


The lebanon i dream of trailer


The Lebanon I Dream Of is a documentary that highlights the real issues of the daily life of every citizen in Lebanon from driving in the morning to work, through corruption, pollution, instabilities, terrorism, death tolls, education, social security, and finally ignorance which is the main obstacle for change. In 45 minutes the documentary interviewed known Lebanese figures about how beautiful lebanon used to be, how God made it a heaven on earth, and how ugly the people and politicians made the country. Pierre Dawalibi states:" My biggest dream is for the Lebanese youth to wake up...To quit following blindly their traditional leaders."


Abdo Al Ghazali Alexandre Najjar, Jihad Al Atrash, Marie Clause Najem, Andre El Hajj, Antoine Ghandour, Karol Sakr, Gillbert Doumit, Hady Sharara, Henry Zgheib, Tony Hanna, Pierre Sadek, Mary Mahfood, Pr. Zeidan Karam, Michel Elefteriades. Zeina Karam Nayla Geagea


The documentary was produced, directed, and edited by Pierre Dawalibi. It was shot in Lebanon. It intended to send the Lebanese nation a wake up call and give the Lebanese youth hope and yet responsibility to take the right decisions in building their country and develop it. The documentary gathers 45 carefully selected Lebanese figures who start showing how beautiful Lebanon is and how terribly ugly people have made it. Then it states every practical issue in their daily life: social, political, economic, ecological and humanitarian. When reaching to solutions, those who were supposed to be a solution turn out to be the real problem: The judicial system, media and civil society. They show us that the only solutions left to make Lebanon a great country are education and elections.


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