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The Leavitt Corporation

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Products  Teddie River Queen
Founder  Michael Hintlian
Founded  1924
Headquarters  Everett, Massachusetts, United States

The Leavitt Corporation is a manufacturer of nuts and peanut butter, formed by Michael Hintlian in 1924. The company's manufacturing facility is located in Everett, Massachusetts, just north of Boston. Leavitt employs approximately 70 employees. The company is a third generation family-owned and operated company. Current owners consist of a daughter and grandchildren of founder Michael Hintlian in addition to executive management. Leavitt's CEO currently is Mark Hintlian who succedded his father James T. Hintlian in 2007. Leavitt produces several products under three primary brand names: Teddie Peanut Butter, Americana and River Queen Nuts. Leavitt also produces nut butters and mixed nuts under a variety of private labels. Leavitt prides itself in strict adherence to food safety and quality standards and proudly holds a level III SQF food safety certification. Leavitt products are exported internationally to countries such as Switzerland, Serbia, Croatia, UK, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina and Panama.


Teddie Peanut Butter

Teddie, the staple brand for the company's peanut butter, is manufactured in a variety of different forms and is the #1 selling natural peanut butter in New England. The "Old Fashioned Peanut Butter" comes in 16-ounce jars, available in smooth, super chunky, unsalted, and unsalted super chunky varieties. In addition, there are the "All Natural" and "Homogenized" versions. The All Natural also branch into different variations including organic, flax seed oil, and a combination of the two. The Homogenized peanut butter is an inorganic product.

River Queen Nuts

The River Queen brand features nuts exclusively. They are available in cashews, cashew halves, peanuts, pistachios, almonds, and mixed nut items. They are available in salted, lightly salted, unsalted, and honey roast varieties.


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