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The Law and Society Trust

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The Law and Society Trust is a non-profit making body in Sri Lanka that was set up in Colombo in 1982. The activities of the trust concerns with improving public awareness on civil and political rights; social, economic and cultural rights and equal access to justice. The Trust is a member organization of the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA).



The Trust is concerned with the consideration and improvement of professional skills within the legal community. The Law and Society Trust has taken a leading role in promoting co-operation between government and society within South Asia on questions relating to human rights, democracy and minority protection and has participated in initiatives to develop a global intellectual and policy agenda.


The Trust designs activities and programmes, and commissions studies and publications, which have attempted to make the law play a more meaningful role within society. The Trust also utilises law as a resource in the battle against underdevelopment and poverty, and is involved in the organization of a series of programmes to improve access to the mechanisms of justice, as well as programmes aimed at members of the legal community, to use law as a tool for social change. These include publications, workshops, seminars and symposia.


The Law and Society Trust Library, with a collection of more than 7,250 books, also includes a substantial collection of periodicals, papers related to workshops, seminars and conferences, as well as the Trust's own publications. There are approximately 50 periodicals on display, most of which are received in exchange for the LST Review.


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