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The Last Moment

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Cinematography  Leon Shamroy
Country  United States
Director  Paul Fejos
Genres  Silent film, Drama
Writer  Pal Fejos
Language  Silent
The Last Moment movie poster
Release date  February 1928
Cast  Arak Amornsupasiri (Payu), Pataraya Krueasuwansiri (Fah), Ratchawin Wongviriya (Nam), Saranyoo Prachankit, Phanomgorn Tangthatsawat
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The Last Moment is a 1928 American drama film conceived and directed by Paul Fejos. The film starred Otto Matieson and Georgia Hale.


The Last Moment movie scenes

Fejos made The Last Moment on a budget of US$13,000. The film told its story without intertitles, which was very unusual for a silent film, and its use of double- and triple-exposures and expressionistic editing gave it a style that was not common for commercial releases of that period. Charlie Chaplin saw the film in a private screening and arranged for it to be theatrically released by United Artists. No print of The Last Moment is known to exist in any archive or private collection, and it is considered a lost film.

The Last Moment movie scenes

The story of Payu (Arak Amornsupasiri), Fah (Patarasaya Krousuwansiri) and Nam (Ratchawin Wongviriya), fresh college graduates from Interior Design faculty. After collage, they face with important transition of their lives, which includes career, romance etc. Fah chooses to marry with her boyfriend, leaving career future in interior design. Nam chooses to stop her affection for Payu and plans to get a Master degree in England. For Payu, Nam?s and Fah?s closest friend, chooses to end his crush with Fah and goes back to Chieng Rai to look after the family business.


A man drowns himself in lake. As he is dying, he recalls the crucial moments of his life and the incidents that led to his final, fatal decision. His unhappy childhood, his tumultuous decision to leave home and stow away on an ocean freighter, his unsuccessful attempts to become an actor, and his two tumultuous attempts at married life are relived. The film ends with the man walking towards the lake and wading deeper and deeper into its waters until he is no longer visible from the shore.


The Last Moment received supportive reviews. Welford Beaton, writing in the Film Spectator, announced: “Introducing to you Mr. Paul Fejos, Genius.” Beaton added Fejos’ film was “one of the most outstanding works of cinematic art that was ever brought to the screen.” Mordaunt Hall, writing in The New York Times, stated the film displayed “a wonderful aptitude for true cinematic ideas” and “an enviable fund of imagination.”


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