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The Last Killer

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6.4/10 Alchetron

Director  Giuseppe Vari
Initial release  August 10, 1967 (Italy)
Screenplay  Augusto Caminito
Writer  Augusto Caminito
Language  Italian
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Western
Music director  Roberto Pregadio
Country  Italy
The Last Killer movie poster
Cast  George Eastman (Ramón / Chico), Dragomir 'Gidra' Bojanić (Rezza (as Anthony Ghidra)), Dana Ghia (Lola)
Similar movies  The Big Gundown, Hole in the Forehead, Django, Django Unchained, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Last Killer (a.k.a. Django the Last Killer) is a 1967 spaghetti western movie starring George Eastman and Anthony Ghidra.


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The Last Killer WesternsAllItaliana DJANGO THE LAST KILLER

Ramon's father has a small farm and like all the other poor farmers around, he owes money to a rich rancher, landgrabber John Barrett. Ramon embarks to deliver the due money to Barrett but along the way he is ambushed, robbed and beaten unconscious. As soon as he can, he gets to Barrett after all. Begging Barrett for more time, he recognises one of the robbers among Barrett's employees. He thinks Barrett will help him now, only Barrett doesn't. Instead Ramon is tortured until he can escape. Before he arrives at home his family is already dead, killed at Barrett's behest. Ramon, determined to put Barrett down, takes up training as a gunman.


The title was changed to Django the Last Killer in some areas in order to capitalize on the success of the 1966 Franco Nero spaghetti western Django. This however is not a sequel.


Wild East released the film on a limited edition Region 0 NTSC DVD under the title Django the Last Killer in a double feature with Hate Thy Neighbor. Both films are presented in their original aspect ratios.


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