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The Kyle and Jackie O Show

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Country  Australia
Executive producer  Bruno Bouchet
Other names  Kyle & Jackie O
Hosts  Kyle Sandilands, Jackie O
Language(s)  English
Home station  KIIS 106.5 (Sydney)
Recording studio  Sydney
Genres  Celebrity, Music
The Kyle and Jackie O Show maxfmcomauwpcontentuploads201407KJforDT
Running time  210 minutes (6:00 – 9:30am) KIIS 106.5 60 minutes (6:00 - 7:00pm) KIIS Network
Syndicates  KIIS Network Ace Radio FM Network Super Radio Network FM stations 91.9 Sea FM (Sunshine Coast)
TV adaptations  Kyle & Jackie O TV: Behind-the-Scenes (online)
Hosted by  Kyle Sandilands Jackie Henderson
Similar  Hughesy & Kate, The Great South East, Australian Idol, The Bachelor, Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Behind the scenes of the kyle and jackie o show tv commercial shoot 2016

The Kyle and Jackie O Show is an Australian breakfast radio show hosted by Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O on KIIS 106.5 in Sydney. The show is syndicated in the late drive slot on the KIIS Network (following Hughesy and Kate) across Australia, and is a station on iHeartRadio.


Off air button accidentally gets pushed on kyle jackie o show


The Kyle and Jackie O Show commenced on 16 January 2005 on 2Day FM. Kyle and Jackie O replaced former 2Day FM breakfast hosts Judith Lucy, Peter Helliar and Kaz Cooke.

The show has been Sydney's top-rated FM radio breakfast show for four consecutive years, and the program is a 9-time winner and 36-time finalist of the Australian Commercial Radio Awards. From November 2009 until December 2011, Kyle and Jackie O were also broadcast nationally on Saturdays between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. during the syndicated Take 40 Australia show.

On 1 November 2013, it was announced the radio show will end on 2Day FM in December 2013 and move to rival station, KIIS 106.5 from January 2014.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show began on new station KIIS 106.5 on 20 January 2014 with a nightly "best bits" program networked on the KIIS Network (ARN) and regional radio stations. The show on KIIS 106.5 instantly went to number 1 in the first radio survey for 2014 with the former radio station 2Day FM failing in the ratings.

In 2014, Kyle and Jackie O started a new show, The A-List with Kyle and Jackie O which also airs on KIIS 106.5, in Sydney, and exported globally. A weekly 3 hour entertainment show featuring the biggest stars and the hottest music in the world, co-produced with Bowserland.


The Kyle and Jackie O Show airs weekdays in the breakfast radio time-slot from 6 am to 9:30 am on KIIS 106.5.

The syndicated show, The Kyle and Jackie O Hour of Power, airs in metro markets from 6 p.m to 7 p.m each weeknight on the KIIS Network in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth, plus in regional areas on a number of FM stations on the Ace Radio network, The "Super Radio Network" owned by Broadcast Operations Group and 91.9 Sea FM owned by EON Broadcasters (previous owner Southern Cross Austereo) on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Jackie's O News

Presented every hour, Jackie's O News features Jackie delivering the morning's celebrity gossip and news. Due to the popularity and longevity of this feature, Jackie's O News will often "break" local and international celebrity news stories.

Notable breaking stories have included the revealing of the names of finalists for the Gold Logie.

Spoilers and leaks are also aired during the segment. In November 2010, the name of a dying character in the hit TV show Packed to the Rafters was revealed.

The Pop Quiz

Every morning at 8 a.m. a listener is selected to answer 10 questions correctly within 60 seconds. The listener wins $100 for each correct answer, but is eligible for the top prize only if all 10 are answered correctly. Prior to their defection to KIIS, to Pop Quiz was $10000 and was played at 7am. Late in 2012, the $10,000 Pop Quiz eventually changed format to become the $50,000 Pop Quiz every weekday, which was won on 26 November 2012. The Pop Quiz varies from $5000, $10000, $12000, $15000 or $20000

In its history, the Pop Quiz has given away in excess of $1 million, making it Sydney's "richest" cash radio contest.

Power Pick

Every morning at 6:30 a.m., a listener who is celebrating their birthday receives a prize, which is determined spinning the "Birthday Wheel". This was originally a small wooden wheel, but in January 2011 a new wheel was commissioned that includes hundreds of LED lights. The listener then picks a song to be played on-air. They have the choice of Kyle or Jackie O's song

Snap Chats

Every weekday morning at 6:50 a.m. and 8:50 a.m., listeners can call 13 1065 to talk about anything directly with Kyle and Jackie O.


Kyle and Jackie sometimes play KIIS STARS. At 7am, listeners call up to successfully identify 5 Artists saying "KIIS" $106 is won if 1 is identified, if all 5 are identified, listeners can win $10000

Split or Steal

Two contestants have to compromise on splitting the prize money offered. However, when put into a "cone of silence" they can choose to steal the money.

What's in Jackie's Mouth?

Just after 6am, Jackie places an item in her mouth. Listeners are given clues to what the object is. The listener who correctly identifies the object wins a prize, usually concert tickets. This game is alternating between others.


Just after 6am, a listener calls up and is automatically given $1000. The listener is given 4 categories and must bet a certain amount on each category in order to obtain the $1000. This game is alternating between others.


Just after 6am, listeners phone in to play 5-in-10. The team give out a broad category and listeners must identify 5 specific items of that area in 10 seconds. This game is alternating between others.

Dead or Alive

Listeners are asked if particular movie stars die or stay alive in a particular movie. If listeners correctly identify, they win the corresponding prize.

Google Predicts

A listener calls up and Jackie plays on behalf of the caller. Kyle will give the first half of a sentence from Google and Jackie must correctly guess the top search

Who Do You Believe

Kyle and Jackie are each told of a separate item that they must convince the listener is in studio, only one item is in studio whilst the other has to lie. If the listener correctly guesses who is telling the truth about the actual item that is in studio they win.


As of March 2015, The Kyle and Jackie O Show had a 10.6% market share in the breakfast shift in Sydney, with a higher cumulative audience than any other show in Sydney. The show is the most successful FM breakfast show in its time-slot, clearing the competition by 3.3 points. (as of June 2011, The Kyle and Jackie O Show had a 3.3% higher share than its rivals at Nova 96.9.)

The syndicated Kyle and Jackie O Show: Hour of Power airs nationally on a multitude of regional radio stations, reaching 5.3 million Australians on the KIIS Network and an additional 6.4 million Australians on Ace Radio's regional stations. Kyle and Jackie O's global show, A-List with Kyle and Jackie O, attracts an audience of more than 1.2 million listeners from radio stations in Australia and across the globe. After the show commenced in the Sydney breakfast market in January 2005, it needed only 12 months to claim the top spot in the FM ratings.


In August 2009, Kyle and Jackie O were suspended following a segment in which they put a 14-year-old girl on a lie-detector and then asked her about her sexual history. Following this incident, a full-time censor was brought on board. Despite the suspension, Kyle and Jackie O maintained their number-one position in the market, and the show actually grew .6 percentage points.

In September 2009, Sandilands apologised after making an on-air remark about how actor Magda Szubanski could lose a lot more weight if she had spent time in a concentration camp. Although Szubanski indicated that it was a "beat up" and that she "couldn't care less," Sandilands was still suspended.

In July 2011, Sandilands made headlines after stating that Australian model Megan Gale was a "phony" and that he "never liked her". Gale's management responded by cancelling Gale's upcoming interview on the show. Later that week, model Charlotte Dawson hit out at Sandilands on her Twitter account, saying that he could "f*** off".

In August 2011, Sandilands faced criticism from the Indian community over comments he made on the show about the cleanliness of the Ganges River. The Universal Society of Hinduism later admitted that there was no malice behind Sandilands's comments and accepted his reasoning.

In November 2011, Sandilands used his radio show to launch abuse at Daily Telegraph columnist Alison Henderson, for her negative review of the Kyle & Jackie O TV show (which had performed poorly in the ratings). Sandilands called Henderson a "fat slag" and a "piece of shit", accused the columnist of bias because "she just hates us and has always hated us", before making more derogatory comments about her body. The ACMA investigation into the show imposed further restrictions on 2DayFM, meaning that the radio station would be in breach if any broadcast made statements to demean women or girls.

In May 2016, legal action was launched against Jackie O and the Australian Radio Network, after Jackie O questioned the parentage of NRL player Kieran Foran's son on air. Jackie O made the claim in late April, after it was revealed that Foran had checked into a mental health clinic, and had been granted indefinite leave from his club. Rugby league writer, Danny Weidler responded at the time "The suggestion from Jackie O on Kiis1065 that Kieran Foran's baby boy is not his is false and offensive to all concerned". The legal demand instructed the show to make a full retraction of the defamatory allegation against Foran and his ex-partner, and issue an unreserved apology.

The team

The Kyle and Jackie O Show has a total of five content producers and two audio producers.

The show is overseen by KIIS 106.5's Head of Content (and formerly the show's Executive Producer), Derek "DB" Bargwanna.

According to Media Week Australia, The Kyle and Jackie O Show's content production team is one of Australia's most formidable production teams.

The show's producers reportedly work 12 hours a day or more in order to keep the show's ratings at number 1.

Kyle Sandilands
Host, anchor, and panel operator of the show.
Jackie O
Host of the show and presents "O News".
Derek "DB" Bargwanna
KIIS 106.5 head of content. He has been the show's content director since August 2000 and was the show's executive producer.
Brooklyn Ross
Newsreader - Started position in January 2015.
Bruno Bouchet
Executive Producer - Started position in December 2016.
Abigail Benaud (Wednesday)
Senior Producer (Guests and Talent Producer) - Started position in 2013.
Pedro Cuccovillo Vitola
Producer (Winner - X Factor's Best Job in the World Competition) - Started position in 2016
Peter Deppeler (Intern Pete)
The show's "Intern" and Producer - Started position in 2014.
Krystal Sanders
Producer - Started position in 2016.
Sophie Hallwright
Producer - Started position in 2016.
Daniel Hunt
Audio Producer - Started position in 2016.
David Faires (Garfield)
Audio Producer - Started position in 2014.
Olivia Mackinnon (Single White Female)
Senior Digital Content Producer - Started position in 2014.

Former team/producers

KIIS 106.5

Simon Greally (Simon)
Executive Producer, Started position on KIIS in January 2014, ended December 2014.
James Weir (ABC)
Entertainment Producer - Started position in January 2014, ended December 2014.
Krista Thomas
Newsreader - Started position in December 2013, ended December 2014.
Daniel Bozykowski (Boz The Junkie)
Audio Producer for The Kyle and Jackie O Show as well as KIIS 106.5 Sydney - Started position in January 2014, ended December 2014. (currently KIIS Image Production Manager - KIIS 106.5 Sydney and KIIS 101.1 Melbourne)
Alisson Longhurst (Hamburglar)
Senior Producer - Started position in January 2014, ended Feb 2015.
Ben Harlum (Chucky)
Senior Producer - Started position February 2015, ended June 2015. (previously Australian Radio Network's Social Media Specialist, starting in 2014).
Andy Ruzgar (Monotone Andy)
Entertainment Producer - Started position in January 2015, ended May 2015.
Laura Cosgrove (Blunt)
Entertainment Producer - Started position in mid 2015, ended December 2015.
Mike Santos (American Mike)
Imaging Producer - Started position in January 2015, ended December 2015.
Bern Sokol (Reception Bern)
Social Media Producer - Started position in 2015, ended December 2015.
Jamie Travers
Creative Content Producer - Started position in January 2016, ended March 2016.
Whitney Plowman
Producer - Started position in April 2016, ended in July 2016.
Nic McClure
Executive Producer - Started position in Jan 2015, ended in Dec 2016
Oscar Gordon (Oscar IT)
Executive Digital Content Producer - Started position in 2014, ended Dec 2016

2Day FM

Geoff Field
Newsreader - Started position in 2003, ended 2010.

KIIS 106.5

  • Matty Acton (main fill-in) - Currently Hughesy & Kate anchor on the KIIS Network
  • Simon Baggs (former fill-in)
  • Tim Dormer
  • Zoe Marshall
  • Sophie Monk
  • Notable celebrity guests

    KIIS FM confirmed media reports in April 2016 that the program, on occasion, compensates celebrities for appearing on the program.

    Australian Commercial Radio Awards

    Since 2004, The Kyle & Jackie O Show has been a 36-time finalist and a 9-time winner of the Australian Commercial Radio Awards.


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