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The King of Legend

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Period dramaAction

Also known as
King Geunchogo

Country of origin
The King of Legend asianwikicomimages338TheGreatKingKeunChog

Written by
Jung Sung-heeYoo Seung-ryul

Directed by
Yoon Chang-bumKim Young-jo

Kam Woo-sungKim Ji-sooLee Jong-wonLee Ji-hoonAhn Jae-mo

Original network
Korean Broadcasting System

Korean Broadcasting System, KBS1

Kam Woo‑sung, Kim Ji‑soo, Lee Ji‑hoon

Gyebaek (TV series), Jumong (TV series), Dae Jo Yeong (TV series)

eng sub the king of legend

The King of Legend (Hangul근초고왕; Hanja近肖古王; literally King Geunchogo) is a 2010 South Korean historical drama based on King Geunchogo of Baekje. Besides historical information from Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa, it was also inspired by a novel written by Lee Munyeol, a renowned Korean writer. The drama aired on KBS1 in Korea, and internationally through KBS World.


The King of Legend Taras Qri Eunjung cast in The King of Legend

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The King of Legend Eng Sub The King of Legend YouTube

The 60-episode drama tells the story of a warrior king of Baekje. Under his reign, the kingdom experienced its glory days, with military conquests that saw him controlling most of the Korean peninsula and a subsequent enhancement of Baekje's political power that was the greatest height of Baekje's power.

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This king is not Gwanggaeto but Baekje's King Geunchogo, who seized and ruled a Chinese region at least 60 years ahead of Gwanggaeto.


The King of Legend Today 619 The King of Legend ep58 YouTube

  • Kam Woo-sung as Prince Buyeo Gu (Later as 13th Eoraha of Baekje, Geunchogo of Baekje)
  • Kim Ji-soo as Buyeo Hwa
  • Lee Jong-won as King Sayu or Gogugwon of Goguryeo (16th king of Goguryeo)
  • Lee Ji-hoon as Hae Gun (Jwapyeong Hae Nyeong's Son)
  • Ahn Jae-mo as Jin Seung (Jwapyeong Jin Jeong's Son)
  • Lee Se-eun as Wi Hongran (Wi Birang's sister)
  • Yoon Seung-won as King Biryu (Geunchogo's father, 11th Eoraha of Baekje)
  • Seo In-seok as Heukganggong Sahul (King Biryu's father)
  • Choi Myung-gil as Haebi Hae Sosul (Biryu's 1st queen; Also known as Wanwoldang, Buyeo Chan's mother)
  • Kim Do-yeon as Jinbi Jin Saha (Biryu's 2nd queen; also known as Sosukdang, Buyeo Gu's mother)
  • Lee Jong-soo as Buyeo Chan (Crown Prince of Baekje)
  • Lee Byung-wook as Buyeo Hwi (Wisagun Army Division Commander)
  • Kim Tae-hoon as Buyeo San
  • Han Jin-hee as King Gye (known as Buyeo Jun, son of 10th Eoraha of Baekje, King Bunseo, head of Wiryegung faction. Later proclaimed as the 12th Eoraha of Baekje)
  • Ahn Shin-woo as Buyeo Min
  • Choi Ji-na as Seok Rahae (Buyeo Min's wife)
  • Hwang Dong-joo as Buyeo Mun
  • Jung Woong-in as Wi Birang (Leader of Danbeomhoe; grandson of King Mayeo of Former Dongbuyeo (East Buyeo) Kingdom)
  • Kang Sung-jin as Payun (Buyeo Gu's men)
  • Kim Hyo-won as Jwapyeong Jin Jeong (Leader of the Jin Clan)
  • Kim Gi-bok as Jwapyeong Hae Nyeong (Leader of Hae Clan)
  • Kim Hyeong-il as Jin Godo (Wisagun Division General)
  • Jung Ui-kap as Bu Gantae (Leader of Malgal Tribe)
  • Kim Eung-soo as Jobul (Prime Minister of Goguryeo)
  • Jeon Byung-ok as General Ko Naja (Goguyreo Army Commander)
  • Park Chul-ho as Ko Chisu (Goguryeo Army General)
  • Won Seok-yeon as Sou (Goguryeo Minister)
  • Kim Joo-young as Onjo (1st Eoraha of Baekje)
  • Lee Deok-hwa as King Dongmyeongseong of Goguryeo (Go Jumong, 1st king of Goguryeo)
  • Jung Ae-ri as Soseono (King Dongmyeongseong's 2nd consort, later founder of Baekje)
  • Park Jung-woo as Yuri (later known as 2nd king of Goguryeo)
  • Han Jung-soo as Bok Gugeom (cameo, Buyeo Gu's men. Later known as Mok Nageumja)
  • Uhm Kyung-wan as Naman
  • Jeon Gwang-jin as Sagi (Son of the late Dalsol Sa Chungseon)
  • Ham Eun-jeong as Jin Ayi (Jin Godo's daughter)
  • Qri as Princess Buyeo Jin
  • Lee In as Ajikai
  • Park Geon-il as Soekkop (later known as Geungusu, 14th Eoraha of Baekje)
  • Jung Hong-chae as Dugo (Danbeomhoe General, appointed as one of the Generals in the Baekje Army, and later known as Mok Gohae)

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