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The Killing Phone

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Language  Khmer
Director  Sok Sameth
Country  Cambodia

Release date  July 8, 2006

The Killing Phone (khmer:??????????????????) is a Khmer horror film released in Cambodia in 2006. It is a remake of the Thai film 999-9999.


The Killing Phone movie scenes Murder 2 Movie Still

Several Asian horror movies are given a nod in this Thai horror movie. The ghost woman in white dress come out of the television and the death of kim are a nod to Ringu. The exorcism scene in this film is a nod to that of One Missed Call.


The story happens after the mystery death of a young girl at a countryside school. Rumors circulate that her death was caused by a mysterious number 000-0000. The rumors spread throughout a university in Kampot, Cambodia, when a female student transfers from her old school which had "mystery deaths". However, the new death begins to happens when a group of IT students start to call 000-0000 for a wish after midnight. When every wish has been granted, the terrifying soul starts to kill them one by one. Accidents happen and the survivors must find a way to stop this evil phone number....

The Deaths

Two parts of the movie outline the deaths from two locations.

1 A countryside school:

  • Sampuat is the first victim who calls to 000-0000 for help passing an exam, and suffers a fatal fall from the math building.
  • Kanha is the next victim who calls for love and drowns in her house pond.
  • Vibol is the third victim who calls to 000-0000 for an unknown wish before going missing. She is found dead by lightning two days later.
  • Jidtra is the last victim who calls to the evil number in this school, and is killed most brutally. Her body is impaled at the top of a bamboo tree, her blood covering the leaves.
  • 2 The University of Kampot:

  • San Panith calls to 000-0000 for his wish of a luxury car and is killed by a car accident.
  • Srey Tou asks to win "Miss Cambodias" crown. She is killed when her head hits the toilet, causing her to bleed to death.
  • Van Ann is killed by stabbing after he calls about a friends death.
  • Ping Pong dials the evil number to help her lose weight. She is found dead with her intestines spilling out of her stomach.
  • Kim calls the number to be able to study in Japan; her body is found pale and grotesque.
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