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The Killer Eye

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Director  David DeCoteau
Language  English
2.6/10 IMDb

Country  United States
The Killer Eye movie poster

Release date  1999
Writer  Rolfe Kanefsky, Neal Marshall Stevens, Matthew Jason Walsh
Tagline  Terror Vision

The killer eye trailer 1999

The Killer Eye is a 1999 American horror film that was directed by David DeCoteau, under the pseudonym of Richard Chasen. The film was released on 18 January 1999 through Full Moon Features and was later followed up with a 2011 sequel, Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt. It stars Jonathan Norman as a mad scientist that unwittingly unleashes a killer eyeball upon the world.


The Killer Eye movie scenes

So bad it s fun the killer eye 1999


The Killer Eye movie scenes

Dr. Jordan Grady (Jonathan Norman) hires a kid off the street, Japlo (Ryan Van Steenis), to participate in an experiment. He administers special eye drops to Japlo in an attempt to allow him to see into the eighth dimension. During the test, Jordan is confronted by his wife Rita (Jacqueline Lovell) about his neglect of her and while he is away, Japlo's eye is possessed by a creature from the eighth dimension, killing him. Rita goes next door to have sex with her neighbors, Joe (Roland Martinez) and Tom (Dave Oren Ward) while Jordan finds Japlo's body. Jordan demands that his employee Morton (Costas Koromilas) help him, ruining Morton's date with his wife Jane (Nanette Bianchi).

The Killer Eye movie scenes

Japlo's eye has morphed into a massive monster that rapes Rita and Jane. Jordan and Morton put Japlo's body in the attic and the body is found by Jordan's other employee Bill (Blake Adams). Jordan and Morton hunt for the eye and both Morton and Jane are hypnotized by the eye. However, Morton accidentally shines a light into the eye; it is injured and runs away. Jordan, Rita, Bill and Morton regroup and realize that light hurts the eye. Jordan hypothesizes that because the monster has been depraved of brain matter, shining light into it could kill it. However, the eye possesses Joe and he sexually assaults Jane but suddenly dies due to having his brain matter drained by the eye.

The Killer Eye movie scenes

The building's lights go off, so the group decides to turn on a backup generator. The eye attacks Rita when she gets separated from the others and Jordan appears, revealing that he wants to help the eye because it is advanced and intelligent. Rita manages to escape before she can be consumed, but Tom and Bill are murdered by the eye. Morton is able to trap the eye and forces it to go back home, but Jordan follows it back to the eight dimension. Rita, Morton and Jane think that they are safe, but Rita and Jane feel sudden pain in their stomachs, implying that they were impregnated by the eye but leaving the film on a cliffhanger.


The Killer Eye movie scenes

  • Jacqueline Lovell as Rita Grady
  • Jonathan Norman as Dr. Jordan Grady
  • Nanette Bianchi as Jane
  • Costas Koromilas as Morton
  • Blake Adams as Creepy Bill (as Blake Bailey)
  • Ryan Van Steenis as Japlo
  • Dave Oren Ward as Tom
  • Roland Martinez as Joe
  • Reception

    The A.V. Club gave a mixed review, writing "for all of The Killer Eye's faults, hardly anyone other than Full Moon Features, the studio behind the Puppet Master and Subspecies series, knows how to churn out cut-rate monster movies these days. And if that's your pleasure, excessively creepy sex scenes aside, you might enjoy The Killer Eye." In his 2010 book 150 Movies You Should Die Before You See, author Steve Miller panned The Killer Eye and stated "Nothing works in this picture, from the poorly structured story to the sparsely decorated sets."


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