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The Incredible Kung Fu Master

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Director  Joe Cheung
Music director  Chow Fuk Leung
Language  Cantonese
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Comedy
Screenplay  Joe Cheung
Country  Hong Kong
The Incredible Kung Fu Master movie poster
Release date  26 January 1979 (1979-01-26)
Writer  Tung Cho Joe Cheung
Initial release  January 26, 1979 (Hong Kong)
Cast  Sammo Hung (Fei Jai), Stephen Tung Wai (Sei Lengjai), Phillip Ko Fei (Chin Fung), Chung Fat (Sei Gao)
Similar movies  Sammo Hung appears in The Incredible Kung Fu Master and directed Enter the Fat Dragon

They call me phat dragon aka the incredible kung fu master 1979

The Incredible Kung Fu Master (Chinese: 肥龍功夫精), also known as The Kung Fu Master (Chinese: 醒目仔蠱惑招) is a 1979 martial arts action comedy film directed by Joe Cheung and starring Sammo Hung and Stephen Tung, the latter in his first leading role. This film features an action direction from a number of famous action directors including Sammo Hung Stunt Team, Lam Ching-ying, Billy Chan, Bryan Leung and Yuen Biao.



The Incredible Kung Fu Master Incredible Kung Fu Master

Two brothers Lee Chun Fei (Wong Ha), a Wing Chun stylist, and Lee Chun Pang (Peter Chan), a Five Animals stylist, encounters a town bully Yeung Wai (Lee Hoi Sang) harassing a civilian. Together, with their own distinctive kung fu style, the brothers defeat Yeung and are praised by the townsmen. Later, when the townsmen debate on who is the better martial artist of the two, the brothers become bitter rivals and start their own martial arts schools. Then a rich man Chin Fung (Phillip Ko) hires the two brothers to teach his sons, the crooked-eyed Big Dog (Addy Sung), and Little Dog (Chung Fat). Big Dog becomes Fei's disciple and Little Dog becomes Pang's disciple. Meanwhile, a local young kung fu fanatic Sei Leng Chai (Stephen Tung) is trying to create his own kung fu style and befriends a wandering winemaker Fei Chai (Sammo Hung), who is an expert martial artist. Fei Chai advises Sei Leng Chai to learn every style of kung fu he can and he starts studying from Fei Chai, Fei and Pang. Later, it is revealed that Yeung is actually Chin's kung fu senior and he sent his fake sons to study under them to understand their styles more. Chin wants to cripple Fei and Pang to avenge Yeung. As they fight, Sei Leng Chai comes to help and the brothers eventually reconcile their brotherhood. Sei Leng kills Chin and Yeung arrives to defeat and capture Sei Leng Chai while Fei Chai comes to the rescue and kills Yeung.


The Incredible Kung Fu Master The Incredible Kung Fu Master Wikipedia
  • Sammo Hung as Fei Chai
  • Stephen Tung as Sei Leng Chai
  • Cecilia Wong as Lee Ching Ching
  • Philip Ko as Chin Fung
  • Hoi Sang Lee as Yeung Wai
  • Mang Hoi as Hoi
  • Adam Sung as Big Dog
  • Chung Fat as Little Dog
  • Wong Ha as Lee Chun Fei
  • Peter Chan as Lee Chun Pang
  • Austin Wai as Invincible
  • Ho Pak Kwong as Grain store boss
  • Fung King Man as Three shells man
  • Lam Ching-ying as kung fu student
  • Tsang Cho Lam as gambler
  • Mars as one of Yeung Wai's men
  • Billy Chan as Snake Fist stylist
  • Yuen Lung Kui as one of Yeung Wai's men
  • Wellson Chin as student
  • Lai Kim Hung as student
  • To Wai Wu as student
  • Cheung Chok Chow as villager
  • Yeung Sai Kwan as one of Yeung Wai's men
  • Lung Ying
  • Cheng Sek Au as gambler
  • Chow Kam Kong
  • Ka Lee as student
  • Chan Ming Wai as student
  • Leung Hung as gambler
  • Ho Lai Lam as student
  • Tu Chia Cheng
  • Johnny Cheung
  • Box office

    The Incredible Kung Fu Master They Call Me Phat Dragon aka The Incredible Kung Fu Master 1979

    The film grossed HK$2,072,922.70 at the Hong Kong box office during its theatrical run from 26 January to 7 February 1979 in Hong Kong.

    The Incredible Kung Fu Master Amazoncom Incredible Kung Fu Master Sammo KamBo Hung Wei Tung


    The Incredible Kung Fu Master Wikipedia
    The Incredible Kung Fu Master IMDb The Incredible Kung Fu Master

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