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The Hospital (2013 film)

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Music director  Virgil Franklin
Country  United States
2.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Language  English
The Hospital (2013 film) movie poster
Director  Tommy GoldenDaniel Emery Taylor
Release date  March 15, 2013 (2013-03-15)
Writer  Jim ORear, Daniel Emery Taylor
Directors  Daniel Emery Taylor, Tommy Golden
Initial DVD release  March 3, 2014 (United Kingdom)
Cast  Jim O'Rear (Alan), Daniel Emery Taylor (Stanley Creech), John Dugan (Officer Chapman), April Monique Burril (Mallory)
Similar movies  Breathing Room (2008), Mortuary (2005), 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck (2012), Rites of Spring (2011), Blood Song (1982)

The hospital 2013 horror movie review

The Hospital is a 2013 horror film co-directed by Tommy Golden and Daniel Emery Taylor. Having a limited US release in March 2013, the film has subsequently screened at various horror film festivals, was presented at Cannes Film Festival, and took home the "Scariest Movie" award at Germany's largest genre festival, Movie Days, in Dortmund.


The Hospital (2013 film) movie scenes

Plot summary

The Hospital (2013 film) wwwgstaticcomtvthumbmovieposters10370147p10

College student Beth Stratman (Constance Medrano) decides to travel to the small town of Bridgeport to do some additional research for a paper about local folklore. There are many stories about the old abandoned hospital there. The police think it is full of drug dealers and prostitutes. The locals think it is full of ghosts.

The Hospital (2013 film) Film Review The Hospital 2013 HNN

Unfortunately, they are both wrong. Beth instead finds Stanley Creech (Daniel Emery Taylor) who introduces himself as the caretaker of the grounds. She soon finds that Stanley is a psychopath, necrophile, and serial rapist. He holds her for several days, repeatedly raping and torturing her, leaving her no apparent means of escape.

The Hospital (2013 film) Film Review The Hospital 2013 HNN

Meanwhile, a group of hapless paranormal investigators, led by the goofs Alan (Jim O'Rear) and Jack (Jason Crowe), descend upon the property to document the alleged supernatural activity. This puts the group on a collision course with Stanley since he will do anything to keep his secret from being known. Girls begin to disappear in the night and the group learns that there is more to the story than originally thought. Both Stanley and the ghosts are just the beginning.


The Hospital (2013 film) Film Review The Hospital 2013 HNN
  • Jim O'Rear as Alan
  • Daniel Emery Taylor as Stanley Creech
  • John Dugan as Officer Chapman
  • April Monique Burril as Mallory
  • Jason Crowe as Jack
  • Scott Tepperman as Himself
  • Robyn Shute as Skye
  • Alicia M. Clark as Elaine
  • Lauryn MacGregor as Ana
  • Megan Hunt as Alyson
  • Carlo Alvarez as Mark
  • Melanie Contreras as Marie
  • G. Larry Butler as Earl
  • Christina Schimmel as Sergeant Amanda White
  • Eric Branden as Jason
  • Ernest Douglas Nichols as John
  • Production

    The Hospital (2013 film) Horror Thursdays The Hospital 2013 Review by Mark Krawczyk

    Filming began in mid 2012 in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. The directors chose to film at an abandoned hospital in the area to play off of the current popularity of 'paranormal reality' shows and give the viewer hope that they may see actual ghosts caught on camera.


    The Hospital (2013 film) The Hospital 2013 film Wikipedia

    Mark L. Miller of Ain't It Cool News gave a mixed review of the film's violence; Miller stated that it features "some of the most depraved kills enacted upon anyone in cinematic history" panned the film, which they felt had "offensive, ill-judged, unpleasant and misogynist film making of the worst kind."

    Critical reception

    The Hospital (2013 film) Horror Thursdays with Mark Krawczyk The Hospital 2013 Review

    On 19 March 2014, Tesco removed the horror film off their shelves and apologised after getting complaints for being too graphic and violent for a family store after a customer from Gloucester, England contacted the supermarket.


    The Hospital (2013 film) Wikipedia
    The Hospital (2013 film) IMDb The Hospital (2013 film)

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