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The Hoodlum (1919 film)

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Director  Sidney Franklin
Cinematography  Charles Rosher
Country  United States
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Produced by  Mary Pickford
The Hoodlum (1919 film) movie poster
Cast  Mary Pickford (Amy Burke), Ralph Lewis (Alexander Guthrie), Kenneth Harlan (John Graham), T.D. Crittenden (John Burke (as Dwight Crittendon)), Aggie Herring (Nora)
Language  Silent film English intertitles
Release date  August 31, 1919 (1919-08-31)
Based on  Burkeses Amy  by Julie Matilde Lippman
Writer  Julie Mathilde Lippmann (novel)
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Tagline  Mary Pickford In her Second Picture from her own Studios.

The Hoodlum is a 1919 silent film comedy-drama produced by and starring Mary Pickford and released through First National. The film was directed by Sidney A. Franklin and was based on the novel Burkeses Amy by Julie Matilde Lippman.


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The Hoodlum (1919 film) The Hoodlum 1919 film Alchetron the free social encyclopedia

Spoiled Amy Burke (Mary Pickford) lives with her doting grandfather, ruthless business magnate Alexander Guthrie (Ralph Lewis), in his Fifth Avenue, New York City mansion. She is initially delighted when he offers to take her with him on a trip to Europe. However, as the day approaches for their departure, she changes her mind and decides to go live with her newly returned father, "sociological writer" John Burke (T. D. Crittenden), at Craigen Street, wherever that is. Unused to having his plans thwarted, Guthrie becomes cold to his beloved granddaughter.

The Hoodlum (1919 film) The Hoodlum 1919 film Alchetron the free social encyclopedia

Craigen Street turns out to be in one of the slums of lower New York, the subject of her father's study. At first, Amy is horrified by the squalor. She makes it clear to a couple of friendly young women who want to become acquainted and to Nora (Aggie Herring), her father's cook and servant, that she feels she is far above them. Deeply unhappy, she eventually takes her father's advice to treat their neighbors as equals. She fits in after several weeks. She makes friends with boy inventor Dish Lowry and young man William Turner (Kenneth Harlan), a reclusive neighbor. Amy also ends a years-long feud between Irishman Pat O'Shaughnessy (Andrew Arbuckle) and Jew Abram Isaacs (Max Davidson) through good-natured trickery.

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When a policeman is alerted by a sore loser to her game of craps in the street, she escapes by hiding under the cloak of newcomer Peter Cooper, who takes a room on the floor above the Burkes'. Unbeknownst to Amy, the new resident is actually her grandfather in disguise, come to see how she is doing. He is initially disgusted with her behavior, noting on paper that she "has become a hoodlum". When Amy takes a sick mother and her children under her wing, she asks Cooper to look after a baby, only to be brusquely rebuffed. Cooper has a change of heart, however, and adopts a whole new, more benevolent attitude, much to Amy's delight. He returns to his mansion a changed man (taking along Dish Lowry).

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One night, Amy spots a thief in Turner's room. The intruder flees. Turner informs Amy that it was no thief but an agent of Alexander Guthrie looking for his writings. Guthrie framed him to hide corrupt business practices, resulting in a year in the penitentiary. Amy and Turner break into her grandfather's mansion to try to steal evidence that would prove him innocent, but set off a burglar alarm and are caught. When Guthrie recognizes Amy, he has Turner freed and offers to exonerate him. Afterward, Amy and Turner are married.


The Hoodlum (1919 film) The Hoodlum 1919 film Wikipedia
  • Mary Pickford as Amy Burke
  • Ralph Lewis as Alexander Guthrie / "Peter Cooper"
  • Kenneth Harlan as William Turner
  • T. D. Crittenden as John Burke
  • Aggie Herring as Nora
  • Andrew Arbuckle as Pat O'Shaughnessy
  • Max Davidson as Abram Isaacs
  • Paul Mullen as The Pugilist
  • Buddy Messinger as Dish Lowry
  • Public service announcement

    At least some prints of the film open with Pickford in a public service announcement for World War I war savings stamps.

    Home media

    The film is in the public domain. It has been released on DVD and Blu-ray.


    The Hoodlum (1919 film) Wikipedia
    The Hoodlum (1919 film) IMDb The Hoodlum (1919 film)

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