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The Hidden Pearl

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Initial release  2001
Screenplay  Marcello Baldi
Cast  Gregory Snegoff
Director  Marcello Baldi
Initial DVD release  2001
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Music director  Alessandro Forti, Francesco De Luca
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The hidden pearl the history of the aramean people 197 minutes hd english documentary movie

The Hidden Pearl: The Syrian Orthodox Church And Its Ancient Aramaic Heritage is a 2001 documentary published by TransWorld Film Italia commissioned by the Syriac Orthodox Church. The documentary was published in the form of three videos together with three printed volumes.


  • Volume 1, The Ancient Aramaic Heritage, deals with the Syriac- Aramean heritage as the cradle of civilization. It covers the pre-Christian Old Aramaic period, covering the Aramaean city states, the Neo-Assyrian, Achaemenid and Seleucid periods, including the kingdoms of Palmyra, Petra, Edessa and Hatra.
  • Volume 2, The Heirs of the Ancient Aramaic Heritage, addresses Middle Aramaic tradition and literature, the Aramaic of Jesus and classical Syriac literature.
  • Volume 3, At the Turn of the Third Millennium: the Syrian Orthodox Witness, focuses on and describes the current situation of the Syriac people, the Syriac Orthodox Church and its history in Tur Abdin, the Syriac genocide, Seyfo, and the Syriac diaspora.
  • The hidden pearl part 1 of 12


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