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The Guilty Demos

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Released  10 October 2006
Artist  Barry Gibb
Producer  Barry Gibb
Length  44:39
Release date  10 October 2006
Genre  Soft rock
Recorded  October 1979 Criteria Studios, Miami
The Guilty Demos (2006)  The Heartbreaker Demos (2006)
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The Guilty Demos is a demo version of the album by Barry Gibb. Not intended for release tapes of these had been circulating among fans before bootleg CDs started emerging. In October 2006 Gibb made these available through iTunes.



Recorded in October 1979 after the Bee Gees' 1979 Spirits Having Flown Tour, all of the songs were written that same year except "The Love Inside" which was written in 1978 during work on the album Spirits Having Flown. All songs features Gibb's falsetto voice, except "What Kind of Fool" where he used his natural voice. Barry said that they sent five songs he wrote with Robin. The end date of the Spirits Having Flown Tour is October 6 and at that time Robin left Miami to stay for a few months at his house in Long Island, New York. The next songs were written with Albhy Galuten instead of Robin. The songs on which Barry written with Galuten were dated after Robin left Miami. Galuten recalls Barry writing songs very fast in a week, and taking only a little longer to record the demos. The demos are all sound good. Blue Weaver thinks that he plays all the songs and later, Weaver also left Miami. The demo version of "Never Give Up" remains unreleased. "Carried Away" and "Secrets" were not used by Streisand but instead recorded by Elaine Page with only "Secrets" being issued on her 1981 self-titled album. Olivia Newton-John recorded and released "Carried Away" on her "Physical" album, also in 1981.


  • Barry Gibb — vocals, guitar
  • Albhy Galuten — synthesiser, drum machine
  • Blue Weaver — keyboard
  • Songs

    2Woman in Love3:53
    3Run Wild4:23


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