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The Garden of Sinners: Oblivion Recording

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Director  Takahiro Miura
Country  Japan
7/10 IMDb

Language  Japanese
The Garden of Sinners: Oblivion Recording movie poster
Release date  December 20, 2008 (2008-12-20)
Based on  Kara no Kyokai  by Type-Moon
Writer  Kinoko Nasu (original story), Masaki Hiramatsu (screenplay)

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The Garden of Sinners: Oblivion Recording (空の境界 第六章 忘却録音, Kara no Kyōkai Dai-Rokushō: Bōkyaku Rokuon) is a 2008 Japanese animated film produced by ufotable based on the Kara no Kyōkai novels by Kinoko Nasu. It is the sixth installment in the series, preceded by Paradox Spiral (2008) and followed by A Study in Murder – Part 2 (2009).


The Garden of Sinners: Oblivion Recording movie scenes


The Garden of Sinners: Oblivion Recording movie scenes

The movie starts off with an introduction from Kokuto Azaka on who she is and how she plans to win Mikiya over as her lover despite the presence of a dangerous woman named Ryogi Shiki. Afterwards, Shiki is sent to Azaka's school, the Reien Academy during winter break in order to help investigate a series of reports of fairies stealing the student's memories, and a suspicious suicide. The two immediately clash as Azaka is in love with her brother (Mikiya) and considers Shiki a love rival. While walking around the school, Shiki notices a fairy, and chases after it. Azaka who cannot see the fairies, is left alone and is attacked by an unknown person and has her memory stolen, only waking up in the evening with no memory of what has occurred. They discover the magus using the fairies is trying to erase everyone's memories of the event, but the school has a written record of the investigation. Azaka goes alone to check out the suicide site in the old building, as Shiki does not want to wake up this early. While there, Oji finds her and requests that Azaka pray with her in the chapel, after praying, she reveal she is the one using the fairies to erase everyone's memories, and tries to erase Azaka's memory, and that she killed Hideo Hayama (the teacher who went missing) and used his body to create the fairies (as you need a corpse of some kind to create a familiar). Azaka is knocked unconscious from behind by one of the fairies, but she retains her memory and is found by Satsuki Kurogiri, the teacher replacing Hideo Hayama.

The Garden of Sinners: Oblivion Recording movie scenes

Shiki arrives and tells Azaka that the students of Kaori's class have all disappeared. Azaka says she is going to check out the suicide site, but Kurogiri strangely tells her that there is nothing there...and when reaching there, she finds that a large section of the building has mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Unable to find a trace of Oji, Azaka falls asleep, and is woken up some time later by the dog left by her roommate. Shiki tells her that she has a message from Mikiya, who informs her of Kurogiri's real identity, that of a magus known as "God's Word" and a counter measure to his ability, as well as the cause of Hideo Hayama's death. Taking Shiki's walkman and earphones, Azaka runs past Kurogiri without being affected by his ability, and heads to the suicide site to discover all the students there in a trance, with lighted matches and open canisters of fuel, Ougi intending for them to commit suicide in the same manner as Kaori. Azaka and Ougi face off in the chapel, while Shiki faces off with Kurogiri. Azaka tries to convince Ougi to stop, revealing that Hayama died from a heart attack due to his drug abuse, and that the information she gained from the fairies was just a rumour circulated by the students and Kurogiri had stolen her memory first to make her come to the wrong conclusion. Ougi refuses to stop, and tries to kill her with the fairies, but eventually they rebel against her and Azaka destroys them and the source of the magic. Kurogiri reveals that Araya Soren requested he return to Japan in order to restore Shiki's memory, and Shiki tries to kill him, but Kurogiri simply says "You'll lose sight of me" and Shiki becomes unable to see him. After everything is settled, Mikiya tells Azaka that Kaori regained consciousness in the hospital. The bus arrives, but instead of getting on, Azaka pulls Mikiya away and insists on a date in order to make up for him going out with Shiki the other day (Movie 3, Mikiya is supposed to meet Azaka but sends Shiki to tell her he can't make it). At night, Azaka remembers a dream from her childhood, and remembers why and how she fell in love with Mikiya.

The restoration of Shiki's memory via God's Word as well as what happened to him after the events of the movie are left unexplained, though in the original novel much more about him is touched upon and he is killed by one of his students in a considerably karmic fashion.


  • Maaya Sakamoto as Shiki Ryogi (両儀式, Ryōgi Shiki)
  • Ayumi Fujimura as Azaka Kokuto (黒桐鮮花, Kokutō Azaka)
  • Ryotaro Okiayu as Satsuki Kurogiri (玄霧皐月, Kurogiri Satsuki)
  • Nana Mizuki as Misaya Oji (黄路美沙夜, Ōji Misaya)
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