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The Feds (miniseries)

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Directed by  David Caesar
Music by  Bruce Rowland
Edited by  Bill Murphy
Director  David Caesar
Produced by  Jan Marnell
Cinematography  Joseph Pickering
First episode date  1993
Genre  Drama
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Written by  John Reeves Vince Moran
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The Feds is a series of Australian television films starring Robert Taylor, which were first broadcast on the Nine Network 1993-1996.


The Feds revolves around the activities of the Australian Federal Police, who protect the national interests from crime in Australia and overseas. Nine telemovies were produced in the series.

Regular cast

  • Robert Taylor as Superintendent Dave Griffin
  • Angie Milliken as Detective Sergeant Jo Moody
  • John Bach as Commander Rainer Bass
  • Brian Vriends as Michael Skinner
  • Nell Feeney-Connor as Rose Dell'oro
  • Marcus Eyre as Blocker
  • Amanda Jane Bowden as Tina McLean
  • Zoe Bertram as Sarah Griffin
  • Benjamin Keatch as Brett Griffin
  • The Feds (pilot)

    A barrister and a brain surgeon suspected of fraud are tracked down by the Feds.

    The film was shot 1 March - 2 April 1993 on location in Melbourne, Canberra and Hong Kong.

    Cast actors:

  • Sigrid Thornton as Christine McQuillan
  • Bruno Lawrence as Larry Porter
  • Nicki Wendt as Melita Reale
  • Rachel Griffiths as Angela Braglia
  • The Feds: Terror

    When a former Australian Prime Minister dies, Dave Griffin and Jo Moody become a part of the security operations for the state funeral. A report of missing plastic explosives from the Defence Laboratory and a lead received by the German Police are the first inklings there could be a plot to assassinate one of the heads of state who will be attending the funeral service. Assisted by the mysterious Jurgen Dietermann from German Security, the Feds raid a terrorist hide-out in search of the plastic explosives. When the raid proves to be unsuccessful, the state funeral is in danger of being cancelled.

    Guest actors:

  • Max Tidof as Jurgen Dietermann
  • Colin Moody as Hans Holder
  • Erica Peril as Karen Siddeley
  • Paul Caesar as Eric King
  • Bruce Barry as Stanley Hickock
  • Nicholas Hammond as Milton
  • The Feds: Obsession

    A Family Court Judge's wife is critically injured when a bomb explodes outside their home. The Federal Police believe a deranged bomber with a grudge against the court is on the loose and begin their man-hunt. Help comes from an unlikely source when Cal Woods, a former Federal Police Officer, compelled to leave the force in disgrace, offers information. He claims to know the person responsible. But Jo Moody has dealt with Cal Woods before.

    Guest actors:

  • Jerome Ehlers as Cal Woods
  • Denis Moore as Justice Fairweather
  • John Jacobs as Phil O'Leary
  • Stephen Whittaker as Glen Warrender
  • The Feds: Abduction

    The two children of Suzi Plummer, the divorced wife of Idris Karya, an army officer of a prominent Indonesian military family, vanish while on an access visit with their father. Fearing an international incident, the Federal Police are pressured to find the children before they are taken out of the country. Dave Griffin, a divorced father, is moved by the pleas of Suzi, who has long feared her former husband would try to take the children back to Indonesia to live with his mother, Sarminah. But Jo Moody feels the case is more complex and even suspects the children's mother of being involved.

    Guest actors:

  • John McTernan as Alan Guinnane
  • Anne Tenney as Suzi Plummer
  • Lani John Tupu as Idris Karya
  • Jackie Kelleher as Sarminah
  • The Feds: Seduction

    When a Central American judge is murdered while investigating evidence against a Colombian drug lord, Julio Blanco, The Feds join forces in an international effort against Mr. Cocaine. Dave Griffin and Jo Moody travel to Mexico to persuade Brandy, the discontented Australian consort of Blanco, to return with them to Australia to give evidence. But Blanco gets wind of Dave's mission and he is forced to flee the country at night with Brandy, leaving Jo to make her own way home.

    Guest actors:

  • Peta Toppano as Brandy
  • Petru Gheorghiu as Mendosa
  • Jonathan Elsom as Justin
  • Peter McCauley as Chad
  • Carlos Sanchez as Lopez
  • Richard Moss as Senator North
  • Alberto Vila as Julio Blanco
  • The Feds: Suspect

    Feeling lonely and sorry for himself after taking his kids home from a day out, Dave Griffin meets an attractive young girl in a bar who is about to turn his world upside down. When the girl, Niki Webster, is found strangled the next day, Dave becomes the chief suspect and is subsequently suspended from the force. Working to prove his innocence, Dave discovers that Niki was seen in the bar with a man with a ponytail just before she 'picked up' Dave. He is certain he was set up. But when the bruise on the girl's neck is matched to Dave's distinctive belt buckle, Chief Inspector Beckwith is out of his hide.

    Guest actors:

  • Susie Edmonds as Chief Inspector Beckwith
  • Paul Sonkkila as Commander Rock
  • John Higginson as Superintendent Pappas
  • Kevin Summers as Sen Sgt Del Re
  • Mark Neal as Det Const Barnes
  • Shannon McNamara as Niki Webster
  • Andrew Blackman as Ponytail
  • The Feds: Deception

    A dear friend of Jo Moody's, Tammy Warren, is killed during an undercover operation. Jo decides to seek revenge by taking on her dangerous assignment in the drug world. Jo gets herself known at the club where Tammy was working and meets Judy Taylor, who is supplied with drugs by her boyfriend, a drug courier. But when both Judy and the boyfriend are murdered, Jo escalates her attempts to discover what really happened to Tammy.

    Guest actors:

  • Rachael Beck as Judy Taylor
  • Nadine Garner as Tammy Warren
  • Daniel Lapaine as Tony Waterman
  • Nicholas Bell as Stephen Garrard
  • Stephen Whittaker as Glen C Warrender
  • Teo Gilbert as Jak Waterman
  • The Feds: Vengeance

    For years, Superintendent Dave Griffin has been chasing John Dyer, a major drug dealer with half of the social world, from businessmen to perhaps even Federal Police, on his payroll. Dyer has forever remained untouchable; now Dave is set to even the score. With Detective Sergeant Jo Moody, Dave uses Arianna, a druggie and part-time dealer. Offered her freedom, she instigates a buy/bust. But when Dyer sniffs out Arianna's betrayal, he has her killed. In response, Commander Rainer Bass organises a joint task force with the state police. Ed Bishop, a dynamic cop, and Annie Fleming, a meticulous analyst, assist Dave.

    Guest actors:

  • John Stanton as John Dyer
  • Lisa Hensley as Annie Fleming
  • Steven Vidler as Ed Bishop
  • Frances O'Connor as Arianna
  • Fiona Spence as Lisa
  • The Feds: Deadfall

    The Organisation of Federal Emergency Services is the most advanced and highly equipped rescue and safety organisation in the country. After a joint exercise with The Feds, the head honcho of OFES, Gerry Lehman, disappears, possibly murdered. When an audit reveals a $47 million discrepancy in the OFES accounts, Superintendent Dave Griffin oversees the investigation. Detective Sergeant Jo Moody is the spearhead, out in the field. She already has a bond with Gil McPherson, one of Gerry's young 'gladiators'. Gil hints that Gerry's a spook, tied up with the nation's intelligence services. Enter Hauptkommissar Jurgen Dietermann, who believes Gerry Lehman may be Gerhard Klemberg, wanted in Germany for industrial theft during the 1970s. Though he can't immediately prove the link, he's determined to uncover the truth.

    Guest actors:

  • Martin Jacobs as Gerry Lehman
  • Simon Bossell as Gil McPherson
  • Max Tidof as Hauptkommissar Jurgen Dietermann
  • Belinda McClory as Pauline
  • The Feds: Betrayal

    An undercover Fed is murdered. A ruthless investigation follows. Rainer Bass is drummed out of the force, charged with major corruption offences. The Feds are shell-shocked. Jo Moody refuses to believe it, but she's quickly disillusioned. They're up against the most capable crim of all: their old boss, head to head. Stripped of his badge and gun, Rainer visits his old haunts. He meets Daniel "Mac" McIntyre, commercial pilot and dodgy mate of Rainer's since they served together in 'Nam. Mac drags Rainer out of his self-pity, and offers to cut him in on his next lucrative shipment of illegally smuggled native birds. The Feds watch their every movement, in liaison with Hauptkommissar Jurgen Dietermann, in Munich.

    Guest actors:

  • Peter Phelps as Brian Petrie
  • Tammy MacIntosh as Nicky Bass
  • Chris Haywood as Daniel "Mac" McIntyre
  • Max Tidof as Hauptkommissar Jurgen Dietermann
  • Peter Hosking as Assist. Commissioner Roland Cloke
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